Needs some help with SE stick

Hey guys, has anyone removed the home and turbo box? I’m thinking about modding my other SE stick and getting rid of the turbo/home box, and the extra two buttons. Since I don’t think there’s any need for the turbo button, has anyone ever rewired the home button to use a standard 24mm?

What I’m thinking is drilling two 30mm holes for the start and select buttons, and one additional hole for the home button (i’ll probably use the cheap stock buttons for these three). Once I do that, I’ll weld up the top metal plate to get rid of the home/turbo box, and the extra two holes.

What do you guys think?

Just remove the buttons and cap the buttons?, Why do all this complicated uneeded shit?
If you worry about looks, There’s a better way to go about it.

Not to be rude, but if that’s how you would do it, then that’s how you would do it. I have the resources available to me, so I’ll do it my way. I mean that’s the beauty of being able to customize your own stuff your own way. I was just asking if anyone knew how to rewire the home button to a 24mm button. I wasn’t asking for anyone’s opinion on whether if it was hard or not.

I’ve seen a couple SE’s around with a similar mod. I wouldn’t recommend welding though; use a hole filler (can be purchased from an auto body shop) instead.

I was thinking about hole filler like bondo, but the thing is bondo warps over time, especially without some kind of backing. I was thinking of cutting a plate, and tack welding it, then putting filler in it.