Neesa's procrastination thread

While I was suppose to be typing up a paper, I decided to push it off even longer and draw!

Sakura’s my fave character. Her personality is the best.

I can post a lot of my other stuff later, but I just wanted to show this. Once I clean up the lines and get rid of the pencil lines, I’ll probably color it by hand. Prismacolors ahoy! I’ll probably draw the rest of the female cast later as well. Full body shots, of course.

  • Neesa

My dA page for now:

Looks cool. Her open eye looks scary though.

I need to finish it off. Once it’s colored, it’ll look better. I just did a outline for whenever I stop being lazy and buy a new Micron pen or Papermate black felt tip pen. But thanks.

Screw typing up papers, draw more.

I would but, it’s the end of the semester and I gotta do hella shit for these classes. After the 23rd, I can draw more. Til then, I gotta do these lame ass papers. :tdown:

Probably would be better when colored; but looks nice, regardless.

I might do a basic color laydown and scan it tonight after work. Show the progress from line work the the finish product. I’ll keep those interested updated.

Eh, I rushed through this.

Looks cool, sakura is my favorite street fighter. What kind of colored pencils do you use? I use my crayola cause I’m broke D:

Prismacolors cause I’m an art student with super supportive parents… And I’m too broke to afford 'em on my own. I really want the 132 set so bad… Too bad that’s like… $200+! Plus, sharpening each one? Uggggh. Fuck that. Took me long enough to sharpen the 48 count.

Nice. And damn, I didn’t know it was that much lol.
How much is the 48 dollar set?

Uh, it’s about $50 and some change.

Nice Drawings make one of Yun from 3s please if you’re ever in the mood to procrastinate again :tup:

Yeah sure. After this semester, I can do it for ya.

Can you draw xiaoyu holding panda?

Sure. Do you want it like cutesy? Cause I love drawing cute things. I’m a sucker for 'em.

Yes :smiley: I’d like that, thanks.

Alright. I’ll start working on sketches for you guys when I get a chance. :lovin:


Thanks for the love! I appreciate it! :lovin: <3