Neferio's monthly tourney saturday, May 16th

If you live in the local Skagit Valley area(WA)or where ever, join us in MT Vernon, at Docking Bay 93 Comics and Arcade, for a monthly fighting game tournament and game night.

Date- may 16th warming up around 5pm tourney to follow

Games- street fighter 4 and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

-footage- does anyone have the capability and/or equipment to record matches?

kuenai possibly for recording

Yo, if you want info from the SRK scene as far as this kinda stuff goes, double up your questions in call/text form to me and Paul Lee, who have been working on/in the skagit fighting game scene for five+ years!

My Cell: (360)202-0227
Paul: (360)770-0761

I have a good camcorder with lots of space and great screen recording settings, thus the ability to record matches well. Still in the car w/tripod, on that note. I also have easy access to publicize tournaments at the college and local stores, some of which you’re in with as well. Also, try boards.

Call/text either of us for whatever inquiries, it’s always been in our interest to help expand and help develop the local scene!

I’d say a Friday that does not conflict with Preppy’s fight night and you’d have a pretty good turn out.

yea after talking with the comic shop owner and other people we have decided to do it on saturday may 16th

If I go to this, I might be able to bring 3 more people, just gotta find out if they are down.

What’s the tournament/registration info, as in the buy in and tournament start time, arcade or console (I know it says Arcade, but I’d rather not find out whether I need to bring my stick or anything after I drive 35 minutes to get there).

CONSOLE. Please bring your own stick. I will supply dreamcasts and Marvel/A3 copies if necessary, but no way should we hold a tournament on the cab. Btw, there’s just the marvel cab.

And I’m guessing there’s no buy in or payout, since Dan (the shop owner) probably doesn’t want any risks, as that would technically be gambling, and requires licensing in public venues. We do this stuff at Zach’s because it’s a private residence, ya know?

It’s for the hype. The local community either isn’t really into street fighter, or people are all underground. We need more publicity :bluu:

Don’t know if it would be considered gambling since SF isn’t a game of chance.

Good luck with this, though.

Take for example the Gameworks tourney. People buy in for registration, they get a shot at a sponsored, guaranteed purse. That’s not technically gambling.

At Zach’s, you pay in your 3 or 5 bucks (don’t remember), then that goes toward a collective pot, which is distributed to the winning player(s). Sound like poker? It’s the same principle. There’s chance involved, but your skill has more to do with it than anything else. Still gambling, unfortunately.

yea sorry i wasnt a little more clear it will all be done on consoles since like kuenai mentioned besides mvc2 its a vintage arcade. sf4 on ps3 and tvc on wii. dan says we are not allowed to use xbox360 in a public venue so do not bring one. (sorry for all u guys that have 360 sticks). besides that bring all ur sticks and converters or even pads if that’s what u want to use. format will be 2/3 match, double elimination, 1 match losers bracket. and no, currently there will be no buy ins or money involved just come and sign up, winner gets modest braggin rights.

yea the last fighting game night actually went very well with like 40 people showing up and 18(i think that numbers right) entering the tournament.

Not allowed to use a 360 in a public venue, except you are allowed to use a PS3? Is this a Microsoft stipulation?

yea some sort of legal issue with running xbox at a venue idk the owner didnt go into it. im just happy he’s letting us run the tourney at docking bay.