Negative Edge aka "asdfasdf"

Yet another lurker gone poster… greets!

I played tons of arcade SF in my ‘career’, but had fallen away due to arcade extinction here in the midwest. -.-

That being said, I think the rest of my post is obvious from my poll choices; you could say I’m behind in my tech. I was curious just how far… ; )



LOL @ thread title; it should have been ‘negative edge? poll’ or somesuch. >.<


this thread title will not take you far

great fp

really i found it a very good read… i feel more intelligent, and i have more compassion for others. it also thought me how to be a non-selfish lover. i have no way to repay you cJw314. you truly are a god among mere mortals

iawtp, good thread op

What you guys don’t realize is that he only pressed “asdf” once to type that thread title.

:cool: :cool: :cool:

aauwgh, way to edit your thread title, now my joke sounds dumb… whatever man, I still think you piano your keyboard

Copy pasting owns

what, no ‘‘I never use it’’?

This poll sucks.

i already announced his godlike status…

but i suppose this info. for the layman will keep others on the same page

25%. I really don’t use it that much. Usually only to piano. Not even sure the 25% figure is accurate; that would imply that piano-ing is 1/4 of all my actions.

^ ^ ^
Hmmm, yeah it’s kind of hard to say. Maybe it would help if we had some actual data in front of us, some real numbers to look at.

What’s you APM?

go back to lurking

Thanks for the replies, all - and I apologize for the lack of a ‘I don’t use it’ choice.

Rukawa, I’ll happily go back to lurking - but now I may have an idea of how far behind I am. : )

i use it all the time in pianoing in hdr

i use button buffering all the time in tekken though!!!

if you’re not sure what that is, as an example, it’s if you hold down the RP button, and press RK, then the move for RP + RK comes out.

whether you know it or not, unless you press down the button and hold it when you do special moves… you are all using negative edge all the time (well technically you aren’t using it ALL of the time, but it’s hard to know when you are benefiting from it and when you are not).

every time you do a special and hit the button. it gives you one chance on the down press and one on the up press. this is an execution aid that is built into the game and just makes specials come out a little more consistently.

keep in mind if the game has a large window in which you can do the input and still have it count, then negative edging is not nearly as important. still it is 2 tries instead of 1.

How long did you lurk? Really.

I always piano my mouse click when I neg someone, hoping that it hits twice.

Negative edge neg rep coming up!

I wasn’t aware that to be semantically “lurking” I had to have a registered account. Sorry for misleading you…?

Man, Sag is always so solid with his links, and then he combos them into negs like it’s nothing