Negative edge got worse in ae?

WHen super changed to AE I started to have a lot more issue with negative edge. Its not character specific, but for example, using yang doing: cr.jab, st jabx2, crforward, xx rekkas, I get a cmd dash instead of rekkas. Watching my inputs in training mode, i am only hitting the cr. forward once and then doing the qcf for rekka, but instead he dashes. Having similar issues with many characters. What can I do?

hold down the low medium kick instead of pressing it and releasing it

I been trying to use it to my advantage in the last night by holding fierce a second after pressing forward and then letting it go as I do the QCF for the cancel into rekkas and it works but its really hard to get used to. I seriously hate negative edge. I’m not even holding forward im just tapping it. Is it possible its a problem with my stick?

haha i hate that feeling, just forget neg edge and tap the buttons twice
i honestly see neg edge as one of the more useless tactics

As a keyboard player I experienced issues with negative edge too. What helped in my case is tapping the last two command buttons from the sequence with the same finger, like: cr.MK (index finger) xx special motion + MP (index finger), instead of cr.MK (thumb) xx sm + MP (index) or cr.MK (index) xx sm + MP (middle).
That gradually reduced the outcome of incidental specials and I got used to it sooner than the holding down option.
Why does the game register negative edge but does not indicate that when you turn on your inputs in training mode? :lame:

This, sort of. I get a lot more success with this than with negative edge when it actually matters on/offline, though I don’t subscribe that it’s a useless tactic, it’s just timing.