Negative Edge Kara Shoryuken?

Hey guys just wanted to know if it is possible to negative edge into a kara shoryuken, because if you can that would probably increase the rate of people hitting it in. If anyone can check for this that would be great

I’d have to say yes on this one.

It might be even easier if you double tap the WP jap style, as in MK with ring finger, drum roll WP with first and fore finger. This effectively gives the dp 4 WP punches to get kara dp.

so …DP-mkXXwp ??

I’m sure there’s a kara dp thread somewhere which goes into more detail, but basically on the down/down toward part of the dp motion, press MK/HK, finish with toward and WP.

I believe that timing varies with characters, for example the shotos are done slightly earlier compared to makoto which is slightly late, relative to each other.

you cannot negative edge low forward into jab… by the definition of NE, the cancel must use the same button.

i am kara shoryuken master. ask pyrolee in the corner :smiley:

paul lee is right.

he is a great man. But he aint no hitler

My bad, :o shows how shit my reading is :frowning:

No I actually mean first you do the first shoryuken hold the jab button then right before Ken comes down do the motion and the low forward and release the jab button hence making your next shoryuken range increase.

Edit: I just tested it out on a Ryu I think it works but do to Negative Edge it does some times make your shoryuken come out to early.

just deep jab srk and then kara the next jab srk with low forward. it only works on a few characters, and only if you’re close enough to begin with. but try to incorporate this everytime you do 2x srk, so that you’ll never miss in the corner…

Exodus is there a list for the characters that the kara shoryuken works on because I thought that it worked on every character.

Kara dp don’t work on Dudley and Oro mid screen, can’t remember if the same applies to Remy. On the twins you need to kara dp in order to hit them while in the corner. Necro and Q don’t require kara dp full stop.

(and elena)

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it is true…!
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couldnt you use F+Foward for Ken to kara that way the shoryuken moves forward a bit so it would help in situations not in the corner.

cr. RH or cr. FORWARD.?

which one is easier? and which one increases the range more?

ive been kara-ing with cr. RH …

Your supposed to Kara with cr. Forward, or Standing RH to get max range.