Negative Edge Piano

Can you use negative edge to piano electricity more effectively, or does holding the button long enough to negative edge it take too long?

I’d test it myself, but my piano skills are in the process of trying to suck less.

I would say you are more likely to get EX elect trying that.
Practice makes perfect.

I can’t get negative edge to effect any multi-tap move in the game (but maybe someone else can?). It’s still easier, for me, to do the traditional piano method (jab, strong, fierce, jab, fierce).

This is actually a good question. I don’t know the answer for sure but I would imagine if negative edge existed on rapid input moves then piano’ing would sometimes give you a different strength than you would want. Negative edge would probably interfere with these moves. Maybe it was purposely excluded because of this?

+1 to the 09’er