Negative Edge


Is anyone else having trouble with negative edge in this game? Specifically every time I go into hyper drive I automatically get a cl. C even if I don’t want it.

Any tips for getting around this would be greatly appreciated from anyone with better execution than I.


There is no negative edge in KOF. What’s happening is that you’re hitting BC too late, near the tail end of the attack. If you hit BC as soon as your attack hits, you shouldn’t be getting the automatic st.B/C. Of course it’s harder to time a BC activation on a light attack but keep on trying.


But why does it happen? And why is it doing a cr.C instead of a cr.B?


I guess it happens for the same reason that air activation automatically does a j.C. Air activation and canceled-into ground activation both have instant startup/recovery, and it seems that even when the game recognizes the B+C command, it still processes those buttons for other commands. Normally, canceling into ground activation happens during hitstop, so when the game re-processes the B+C command, it doesn’t do anything (because you can’t use normal moves during hitstop). However, if you cancel outside of hitstop, your character is free to act at the same time as the activation, so the C attack comes out.


There appears to be. Example: crouch charge with Leona. I hit light punch then forward. CR.LP connects then combos into Baltic launcher.
So isn’t LP executing when I push (A) and Baltic when I release (A)? (A) is only tapped once
This is all over this game.


This actually happens as a result of holding down the button, rather than releasing it. When you hold down a button, the game repeatedly processes that input for a certain amount of time, with the caveat that it can only trigger special moves, not normals or command normals.

Edit: It seems like the way the buffering system works is more complicated than this, but the bottom line is that negative edge doesn’t exist in KOF.