Negative Edging

Hi so ive been trying to learn viper and found out what negative edging is since its useful for FFFs, but ive tried it out for other charcaters as well.

I main bison and I was thinking of using this for his bnb and other combos. is it a useful tool, or am i better off just pressing the button again

better off pressing the button again

It’s useful for really odd occasions such as negative edge plinking and not overcharging makoto’s hayate. Also if you’re paranoid about someone reacting to your button presses offline it gives you a fairly silent button “press”.

But i have a feeling it’s just over complicating things.

Alrite thanks. I thought it would be useful for combos cause then it would verify that you can pull it off better.

But yea I gotta learn plinking. I still dun rly get it after reading the thread. I gues I gotta see someone do it.

Negative edge helps in cases such as the standard shoto’s hit confirm xx c.lp, shoryu
The shoryu is generally a 1/2 frame link so if you tap the punch button for the shoryu very quickly (1st frame = button down, 2nd frame = button up), then it essentially gives you two chances to hit that link.
If you go into training mode and just try that combo, you’ll notice a higher success rate with quickly tapping the punch for shoryu compared to pressing and holding it.

I’m not sure if this what “negative edge plinking” is, though.

Plinking is kara cancelling. You’re cancelling one attack into another in the first couple of frames of animation(1 frame = 1/60th of a second), there’s a small window there so you cancel into ultra/super/ex incase you screwed up your inputs. And you can only cancel an attack into a higher priority attack. The cancel window is extremely tiny. In the kara page or one of the stickies there’s a list of priorities, hopefully someone can give you it or you can find it.

Negative edge only works for specials. Even then you only need 1 downpress and hold it in to check if you have the right timing. For normals, only plinking gives you that extra input. You can plink a special, but the results would be an ex, unless you have no meter.

Okay so you basically press two buttons at the same time and the one with higher priority comes out.

Alright that is good to know. The general consensus seems to be that tapping it again is better. i understand what you guys say though that if I press it again, I get another chance and that is probably cause the input from the negative edging as well as the the input from i guess ill call it the positive edging. haha.

Tapping is better for special attack links or 2/3 frame window links. Plinking is better for normal attacks links around 1-2 frames, since normals cannot be negative edged. You can really only tap every few frames, so it basically covers a 2/3 frame link if you get both “edges” of a button press.

With plink, You MP then a fraction later(1 frame to be exact), LP. If you turn on show button inputs in game and you do them really close together it’ll show “MP”. Then next line, “MP + LP”. Which happens on consecutive frames, giving you extra chances to hit with mp.