Negative Reputation Comments

To the guys that have messaged me with -ve rep, its cool give me negative rep points of you wish, but PLEASE Please please make your comments make sense:

08-24-2009 05:53 AM Buy Premium and neg me back. -SNK
08-21-2009 09:06 PM i prefer ATI graphics cards over NVidia cards, myself
08-21-2009 04:55 PM wall = fail
08-21-2009 09:57 AM POWER COSMIC
08-20-2009 12:27 PM consider yourself… repressed. -g3nshiro


Well the last one does. In a joke kind of way.

Was this thread really required though?

well if anybody else wants to have a lil rant about useless negative rep comments they receive, then this is place

when do all the greats… 08-06-2009 10:35 AM … It can be hard to speak English, yes
when do all the greats… 08-06-2009 05:55 AM negged… just cuz I can. Get a life if you can too, lol

Rebalancing ST Remix 07-07-2009 05:44 AM please don’t derail this thread Probably Virtua Fighter who sent this

 Ragequitting is being a dickhead - it means you and your friend suck. - AKuma Grif **You can't rage-quit player matches, idiot...**
Super Street Fighter 2... 	07-01-2009 06:15 PM 	akuma grif hates u and so o i** Groupie**
Super Street Fighter 2... 	07-01-2009 06:05 PM 	Akuma Grif sent you in the red because you are an idiot. Have some more neg - CLxJames **Hahah, groupie**

Super Street Fighter 2... 	07-01-2009 02:02 PM 	no u ~Akuma Grif **Biggest idiot on SRK?**
Super Street Fighter 2... 	07-01-2009 01:50 PM 	Go cry, 09. - Akuma Grif **He's also an '09**
Super Street Fighter 2... 	07-01-2009 01:33 PM 	I'm going to fill your body with horse urine and cow manure. LOVE Akuma Grif **Beastiality?**

Need Advice - Who Do I... 	06-11-2009 01:39 PM 	did u have to make a new thread? **Did you have to be born?**
Need Some Serious... 	06-10-2009 12:16 AM 	Fucktard. - Akuma Grif **Retard**

No format because I’m lazy, hopefully these idiots see this and respond. Comments in bold!

I was going to neg you for posting in this moronic topic, but I cannot, as I must have negged you recently. I’m sorry I didn’t sign it, usually I do.

Why are you Donkeys crying about negative rep…just disable it like I do.

A lot of the time they post in the “neg rep this person” thread in the premium forum, telling other people who to neg rep.

I have a feeling this thread is only going to attract more negative rep for you, Irrepressible. You were better off saying nothing and moving on.

Raging at rep bar lol.

K Groove messages > A Groove messages.

Go play more CVS2.

You are thinking of C Groove.

geese pants, how do you disable the rep bar?

Buy Premium.

You actually positive repped me, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I actually posted this just to get a rise out of the retards who negative rep people for fun. Try not to take me seriously?

this surely is a great “general strategy” for hd remix, considering that’s what this board is meant for.

ps: cry moar pls.

Honestly, yeah, this thread should be closed. Though its cool to poke fun at the morons who write about who they’re going to neg. Its like the SRK version of a gangbang. Too bad most of them are too scared to sign the rep, we could have some fun with it :frowning:

Big time. I’m trying to find out how to neg rep him right this moment.

You must have “premium membership” to stand a chance. :slight_smile:

Does that cost money, or something?

Or is it bestowed by the grace of some nerd?

Pics or it didn’t happen.

OOoooh, post mine! Post mine! I thought it was funny. :frowning:

$3 for a month of premo, goes to support the site and evo and all the goody goody gumdrops the kind mr. wizard shares with us.



(plus you get to neg people and watch 'em freak out. :smile:)

wait whoa whoa whoa, you registered in '05 and don’t know that? :nono: Shameful, sir.

Listen to this guy. :d: