Neil Armstrong dead at 82





We await your return, warrior


I’d imagine alot of people wanted to be Neil when they were younger. So this is a shame to hear.


No joke I hope they launch his ashes into space.


If he had died earlier they would’ve had the chance to put them on Mars.



RIP to the man who walked point for the entire human race.

and props to him for thinking of something to say that matched the significance of the moment. i sure as fuck couldn’t have done that.


wow very sad. RIP to one of the best of our species

  • salutes *


It’s amazing how powerful a moment this is. Thanks Neil for making it so.





The man was an American hero and helped inspire the spark of inspiration in an untold number of lives.

I pray his memory continues to inspire for untold time to come.

He belongs to the ages now.


RIP…He was famous for doing something to inspire humanity and further science. People nowadays get famous for sex tapes & reality TV.


They did this to the actor that played Scotty in Star Trek, if that’s what he wanted it’ll be a touching final goodbye


or bury him on the moon exactly where that small step took place



RIP to more than a hero

RIP to a legend


Sad to hear for those that looked up to him and his family, but doesnt apply to me #conspiracist


In addition to flags being lowered to half staff this is one of the very, VERY few times where I think a full blown state funeral is appropriate.

Only a handful of people outside of the president get that honor. Armstrong should be one of them.


Rest in peace. Condolences go out to his friends and fam.