Nelson AKA Remix Is Toxic VS Harry Potter $300 Money Match

This money match will happen at Evo west or world, but it will happen. As you already know Remix beat Billy Bagnus AKA Deus in a first of 10 for $100 MM 10-7, and beat him in the team tourney at Evo east, which there was bounty for him $300. Will Potter Beat Nelson, Will Nelson Destroy another member of Team 3, I cant wait. good luck to the both of you, shit will be recorded so GET HYPE!!!

I got $100 on Nelson.

PS. I got my money on Remix:sweat:

I will not run this bet for under 300.

Bill’s dad?


We’ll see who’s getting son’d.

ask rahsaan about me.

lmao why

Dont Worry, Its For $300.:wgrin:

This is Liston. $300. I would really like to see this match. do it. :wgrin:

alittle off topic but…liston wtf is up with that lame as name

yea, his srk name needs to just be GARY, and nothing else.

Oh and Merdoc, Nelson didn’t beat Bill in team tourney. Their teams never played each other. Nelson, eliminated Bill in singles. Much more harsh.

This match is pretty hype. I’ll let you know my predictions later, as we get closer to the match.

Holy Shit, That is more harsh.:sweat:

oh yea, you should change your sig. No one ever lists top3 team tourney wins. That shit’s retarded.:rofl:

Dont Hate :sad:

To Remix: I stopped money matching a long time ago, but I still owe you a money match that we agreed on back at ECCX. If I make it to Evo Worlds, I’ll get at you for best of 5 or 7 for 20.

You got it. :lovin:

it was 10-6,

lmao nel vs the world. lol good shit

You knock em to me and i’ll send em packin hahahahah

who’s nelson?

some scrub

I eliminated Nelson from MvC2 at Evo East in 2006. lol.

I’ve got one thousand. what’s up?

What team does remix play, like at evo east to beat against Bill/Deus in singles?
I know potter hates playing against magneto or those lucky msp players. Should be interesting.

i like potter for 287487248743

i won’t mind playin Nelson

Sucks when the shit talk comes back to haunt you huh?

I play Megaman/Roll/Blackheart…