"Nem-Assists": The Nemesis Teambuilding/Assists Thread



Alright everyone, go ahead and post your Nemmy teams you’ve had success with, plan to use Nemesis in, or are thinking about using him in. Also discuss your assists of choice to help him, and your preferred assist for him to use. For those who are thinking about teams but aren’t fully decided (like myself), give 'em with advice for whatever they need.

For reference, Nemesis’s assists are:

Clothesline Rocket (Wallbouncing punch and follow-up rocket)
Rocket Launcher Slam (The infamous armored downwards slam)
Rocket Launch (A single rocket fired straight forward)

Personally, I’m planning on using Nemesis with RL Slam and Hawkeye with Poison Arrow. IIRC, Nemesis can’t self OTG, so Poison Arrow could help him relaunch. Plus the poison will stack onto Nemesis’s already huge damage output. Also, Nemesis Rocket Launcher super DHC into either of Hawkeye’s Lvl 1’s sounds really nice to me due to that huge groundbounce putting them in prime position for either.

However, I’m still trying to think of a third character for this team ATM. Thoughts/Suggestions?


Clever title! I’ll be frequenting this thread after release!


I know, I’m really in love with that title, hehehehehe


I was waiting for these threads! Reiterating myself from a previous thread before the full release:

My current theory fighter team is PW (Missile) /MODOK (Balloon Bomb) /Nemesis (RL Slam) . From my time at NYCC, Nemmy’s RL slam is great for PW evidence gathering. PW’s Get em Missile as a low hit (with invincibility?) will help both Nemesis and MODOK a lot with thier low game, and I’ve heard people speculate that MODOK’s balloon bomb would help with zoning for PW, and would hit low for Nemesis.


Im pretty sure that rocket launch assist will be among the least used in the game, and that Nemesis pretty much has a set-in-stone assist of choice, like Chun Li or Tron. Yeah, they’ve got other assists, but why? The rocket launcher goes over half of the cast while standing, and the clothesline rocket doesn’t seem like it can be used for anything besides a combo extender, which is what I plan on using the RL slam for anyway. Guess we’ll see


RL slam for best assist then, however do note the armor on it does start up kind of slow so regardless of the armor be wise when you pull him out. If your hoping for a Haggar-esque punish

Also to note Nemesis benefits greatly (like any other character) with an OTG assist, I recommend Wesker because of the lack of damage scaling since Samurai Edge is only one hit as compared to Ghost Rider’s Hellfire or Heartless Spire. I myself with be using Purification from Dormmamu however. lockdown assists GREATLY help Nemesis, stuff like Hidden Missiles, beam assists, drones, anything that helps Nemesis control space. If Nemesis is able to move freely about the stage then he’s a much bigger threat. I will be using Strider’s Vajra personally since it will also stop super jumpers.


I know Nemesis will be bff with Hsien-ko.


Assuming you are referring to the Gold-mode then yes.

However if you saw my Nemesis X Hsien-Ko post in Umvc3 thread you would know in fan-canon they too definitely would be BFF or maybe even more than :smiley:


in both ways, they are both zombies and heavily depend on each other to survive the odds of Marvel vs capcom, BUT dont forget Shuma is interested in Hsien-ko too, so, who will win the tentacle fight for the desired bff title with HK? :smiley:


I’ve been wanting to do this since Nem Nem was revealed. Gold armor Pendulum will help protect him and let him approach a bit, as well as possibly let him set up command grabs into brutal combos. Rocket Slam assist, meanwhile, protects Lei Lei from attackers.

I still want to see a picture of Hsien-Ko riding on top of Nemesis’ shoulders, her pointing the way while he holds onto one of her legs and stares off in the direction she’s pointing. Protector and Charge. If all goes well, he’ll take good care of her. If I were any good at drawing, I’d do it.

As for a third member, I’m deciding between Strange, Raccoon, and Taskmaster. Maybe Doom.
• Strange: Solid zoning game, good mobility (teleports, for starters) great mixups, Daggers of Denak assist can aid in crossups or keep teleporters out (a big problem for Nemesis), Bolts of Balthak assist is a solid lockdown as well. Only problems are high execution/creativity ceiling (not too much of a problem if you’re into that, at which point it’s lab time), and me not paying much attention to him because of his reveal buddy Nemesis lol. So I’ll have to go do some heavy reading and studying. Good thing there’re no real tests coming up… Also has kind of a mystic theme to it.

The main boon here is that the other two have a weakness to beams, but Strange can cover that with Rings of Raggador and good projectiles in general. Especially countering beam hypers.

• Raccoon: Zoning, great mobility, lockdown assist in cannon, dat log assist, has plenty of bullshit to work with like Strange. Is high-execution too. Other problem is that he too is somewhat weak to beams and beam hypers, with Minigun being his only option against them I think. No idea how fast it is.

• Taskmaster: All-around solid, keepaway, up close, arrows assist. He’s, well, Taskmaster. He’s kinda boring to play as though.

So far, I’m thinking Strange. I am going to miss point Spencer though. Maybe it can still be another team.


You know how X-23 and Hulk are seen together in MvC3? Hsien-Ko with Nemesis as in X-23 is to Hulk as Hsien-Ko is to Nemesis, awesomeness.


D= @Noble Cactus, you guessed my 1st day team, Hsien-ko-Strange-Nemesis. I am still not sold on DHC synergy though, after of a spell of Vishanti hyper the bioweapon assault DHC missiles should miss, they dont reach that high on the screen. I have many things to test.

And i want to make some relaunch or reset mechanic with Nemmy and strange that involve the j.rocket OTG and strange tracking projectiles.


Urggh, Capcom, it would’ve been so perfect!

EDIT: I just remembered what I was thinking of, kinda. Anyone remember Freak the Mighty?






I was thinking of running the order as Nemesis/Hsien-Ko/Strange. DHC’s would be Bioweapon Assault into Tenrai Ha, Tenrai Ha into Vishanti, Gold Armor into whatever. And, of course, Wither Nem Lv.1 into Gold Armor. Vishanti to Missiles may not work. Kind of crude, but maybe Vishanti to Biohazard Rush?


Thinking about Nemesis (RL Slam)/Taskmaster (horz arrows)/Wesker (gunshot). Task to cover space while I try to go in, and Wesker for combo extension. Biohazard Assault DHC Arrow super should work well, even with the scaling on the arrows now.


Sounds solid to me, report back on how that works out for you.

So far Vajra has been working well, it hasn’t let me start that many combos but it has allowed me to constantly keep pressure on the opponent, and they slip up, allot. It helps Nemesis control space and stops those nasty-wasty super jumpers as well.


I’m probably the only sick twisted person whose actually a fan of this assist, but Liberation is kind of oh idk, AMAZING with Nemesis(in theorycraft world).
You just have to play Dormammu on point first. :X After a DHC into Nemesis with 3D and the buff to all the dark spells…It’s just nasty what happens if you call that assist correctly.


Thing is, Nemesis with a single BnB (not basic combo) and XF1 can kill every character in the cast lol


3D is essentially to Nemesis very very good, a full screen hit, big damage and an OTG. The problem is how often can you really do that?


Once, lol.
It’s a very one dimensional gameplan but if it works then thats a dead character.
and if it doesn’t work, it’s a free mixup : P


Lol free mixup a free mixup is freaking Nemesis, j.H, or Deadly Reach + Strider’s Vajra. That stuff is crazy, and if Nemesis gets punished 70% of the time Vajra will save you from it.

God I need to stop talking about Vajra lol, but its so good.