"Nem-Assists": The Nemesis Teambuilding/Assists Thread



incoming chars are fun in the corner… i try to set up my kills with Nemesis so that i can either DHC or hard tag to Viper so i have time to set up lvl3 focus + Launcher Slam assist for a semi-escapable (they have to be smart/have an invincible super and i have to mess up the timing) unblockable, but if Nemesis is still out i’ll either:

  1. j.M (maybe j.M x2 and/or + Viper assist) land > Tentacle Slam L - as noted, can lose to jumps.
  2. raw Tentacle Slam M for people who love to double jump - unsafe, but so, so satisfying when it works.
  3. j(back).Angle Deadly Reach + Viper (BK) assist - if the DR hits, Viper assist juggles them for a launcher into combo. If they block DR into crouch block, they may get caught by her (overhead) assist if the timing is right. If they block everything, jump in j.H or dash up > Tentacle Slam L OR Tentacle Slam M if they’re jumpy.

winning because you didn’t let the other guy play… heh.


I usually don’t raw tag on a dead character, though occasionally if the matchup is fun, I switch to Hawkeye point and start throwing out random crap.

For Nem incoming, I usually,

  1. j.M a few times, get them to the ground, then start jumping in with X-23 for an unblockable (if the timing is off, the shit doesn’t combo, gotta have X-23 go a bit first), OR if they like jumping, air throw them, can lead to a full combo if it’s the corner. That’s usually all I need, but there is.
  2. Go for a crouching H, sometimes crosses them up depending on how I follow it and when it hits. QCF L and/or an X-23 makes it semi-safe.
  3. during either of these setups, randomly command throw, or if advancing guard, dash up and command throw, or lvl3 if I’m feeling randy.

I need to make more concrete plans of this, because right now it’s all improvised, so my timing is never precise, but still it’s decently effective.


I’m considering trying to run team BIG (Nemesis/ Sentinel/ Hulk) and I’m wondering what Hulk assist do you think would be best? I know AA gamma charge gives Nemesis better defense vs. pressure, and he can combo off of it, but Gamma wave OTG’s and has pretty high durability and a huge hitbox if I remember correctly.

also, what about the order? I want Nemesis first, but there’s the whole “none of these guys are superb on anchor” issue. My Gut tells me to run Sentinel 2nd for DHC synergy (and it makes my assist combos easier, muscle memory and all) and Hulk on anchor, but Hulk will have trouble all alone.

Sent is a better anchor (keepaway, zoning and good solo damage) but with him going last, Nemesis will have inferior DHC’s to work with (I fine Nemesis>Sentinel>Hulk DHC is more fluid than Nemesis>Hulk>Sentinel. if you have more than 3 bars, you can even do Nemesis>Sentinel force>Plasma storm> BWA> Gamma crush for a relatively easy, if expensive, 1.3K with a combo)



I’m sorry, but what part of BWA to Gamma Crush is a bad DHC?


Not a bad team at all. As for Hulk’s assist, that’s a tough one. It really depends on your preference in combos. I can’t live without having an otg assist for Nem, well, I can, but it’s less fun. Anti-air gamma charge is also amazing, for a billionbillion reasons, so it’s a tough call. Whatever works.

Now the order can have a LOT of permutations. I’d actually consider going Hulk/Nem/Sent, seeing as clothesline rocket is a fun tool to utilize with Hulk in front. And, as is always the case with clothesline rocket assist, command grab setups :D. In addition, Nem can act only with drones backing him up REALLY easily, so if there’s a time you wanna go one assist for Nem, it’s that time. Problem is the Hulk to Nem DHC is not as good as the Nem to Hulk DHC, but with heavies, who can do enough to one-shot without the DHC, who the hell cares? Also, good thing about Nem second, THC shenanigans.

But definitely run Sentinel on anchor, I say. He’s the better anchor or the three, regardless of how much we diss anchor Sent. And his superfun assist will be available longer, and he’s the only one of the three who isn’t completely worthless at escaping incoming setups. He’s good in back, compared to the other two.

Oh, and good things for running Nem and Hulk next to each other (the third guy never gets any action with the other two). Hulk can approach with gamma charges, push them into the corner, cancel into Gamma Crush to scout out a counter hit, and stop immediate punishes. Then BAM, hit them with that lvl3 Nemesis DHC badness. They WILL be caught by it if they’re not looking for this specifically. It’s that Fooblat/Bum setup that we saw used recently at Civil War. Never tried it out with Nem myself, but it should do the trick. In this case, the otg assist would work better, but whatever works. And if they do get hit, this early on the DHC into Nem’s rockets will not reduce nearly as much, and it’ll put them next to a Nemesis, that may have a ton of armor in assist form, and a command grab. Hulk can easily set-up some serious Nem pressure in the corner, if you’re running that AA assist.

So yeah, keep Hulk outta third, I say. But that’s just me. Nem first or second will work fine, I’d use Nem first myself because I’m more familiar with that, and it’ll build up meter for that level 3 setup.


it’s not a BAD DHC at all, in fact it’s really good. But I think Sent’s DHC’s are a little stronger. going from Nem>Sent>Hulk is easier than Nem>Hulk>Sent, and since Sent can easily land Hyper Sentinel Force after BWA, he can go into plasma storm, thus keeping your anchor on anchor while still going for the kill with 3 meters, or if you REALLY want them dead, you can do that, and DHC back into Nemesis, thus maintaining team order as well as doing a fuckton of damage (even though it’s expensive). it’s a setup that has good “inexpensive” damage options, as well as good “expensive” options, as well as good team order options.

you CAN DHC from Gamma crush into Hyper sentinel force for similar shenanigans, but the timing is harder (especially in lag), and you might not always get the full hits from HSF (thus reducing damage). you dont get the same team order-friendly DHC’s Sent has, and it’s riskier to go for the fancier stuff IMO.

as a single DHC, gamma crush is AMAZING with BWA, but as a team, I see sent as being stronger.


Fair enough, then let me give you these 4 bits of info.
#1: They all suck as anchors

#2: Of all of them, Sentinel sucks the least

#3: Your Sentinel is probably Stronger than your Hulk

#4: You can probably get away with BWA to Gamma Crush for most people and it gives death, so the need to be fancy isn’t that needed.


With heavy characters, I don’t even think DHC’s are nearly as important, considering how much damage all of them do. Of the three, Hulk needs X-factor the least, and he works better with assists than Sentinel does. Sentinel is best of a bad crop of anchors, and helps both Hulk and Nemesis approach and set up painfully strong command grabs. DHC synergy or no, I’d really say Sent needs to be last. Also, Hulk has one of the best DHC’s ever (well, skrull can compete for that), so why not put him second. No one’s going to need three bars, except maybe heavy guys, and they are more susceptible to resets, which sort of eliminate the need for crazy amounts of meter usage. Save the meter for Hulk safety, lvl3 setups, and sentinel’s solo meter-eating combos (as well as the backup of hard drive).

EDIT: And Hulk rocks for incoming, that’s a better usage of meter too.


Hey Nemisites. I come with a question. I’ll be attending EVO this year, and I’ll be entering the Marvel tournament. However, due to other circumstances, I will not be able to use my stick there, and I’ll be forced to use a Madcatz Fightpad instead. Because of this, I’m going to need to make some adjustments to my team accordingly to compensate.

I’m sticking with my Nemesis/Sentinel combo, without question. However, I may need a new third, preferably with someone I am acquainted with. I’m looking at trying either:

  • Frank West / Nemesis / Sentinel: I’m comfortable with Frank alone, but I’m concerned about synergy with Nemesis and Sent. Are they worth investing time into? Do they have any glaring problems I may have missed?

  • Nemesis / Hulk / Sentinel (aka Macarratti’s team BIG): I’ve worked with Hulk in vanilla, so this combo wouldn’t be too tough to implement, and this conversation looks promising. Maybe it will be worth a try…

I realize I kinda screwed myself into a corner here, but with two months to go, I’m just looking to do the best I can with what I can do right now. What are your thoughts?


I personally run Nemesis/Frank/Dormammu, and I think the two have some good synergy. Any of Nemesis’ assists let Frank get two shots in at the end of a combo, Shopping Cart is a great assist for Nemmy, and the THC with Frank on point is also awesome for letting Frank get two shots in. (and, for the lulz, at the end of Nemesis’ hyper in the THC you can do Frank’s roll to get a mixup into a huge ground bounce and combo)


Personally, I’d say you need to think of your opponents. As of late, Marvel has been swamped with Morrigans and Taskmasters and all sorts of Keepaway Shenanigans, so you should probably try to compensate somehow. I nominate these:

Wesker: This opens up knee-jerk launcher options for you, giving you a nice too against certain zoners.
Doom: Plasma Beam for eating up projectiles
Hawkeye: Same Reason as beam, but also Gimlet as a useful tool.


Hrm, a fun little thought experiment. Oh, before everything lemme say congrats on going to EVO. I’m jealous. Anyway, both of these work out great.

Nem/Frank/Sentinel sounds pretty scary, actually. I know two of the other Nems on the forum play frank with him, and one of them found that if you cancel the DP super’s last punch on the first of the two hits, into shopping cart, you can combo off the cart with a raw frank launcher, hit 'em down, camera + launcher slam assist, camera again for level 4, no TAC, that’s some fun stuff. The only problem with that is the combo before the Nem super will be short as fuck, considering the followup requires both bounces. Still very doable with drones early on in the combo, getting in the way of a ground bounce or something fun and cheesy. And Frank lvl4+ with drones sounds silly good.

Hrm…I like Hulk/Nem/Sentinel, too. Airtola rocks some pretty strong Hulk/Nemesis synergy, so there’s a fun place to look. Everyone here likes Nem in front, myself included, but Airtola must run Hulk with Nem second for a reason. And the only person who I’ve ever seen run Nem on anchor is Bum, and DAMN, he makes it work (THC tricks with Cap/Arthur/Nem) I always say, that clothesline assist with Hulk’s command throws is fun.

My only concern is that these teams will be zoned very easily. I know Hulk can get through shit, but the process of beating zoners with Hulk is the most insane shit ever, and I can’t even comprehend how guys do it. For the sake of better matchups, who else are you comfortable with? I’ll see what I can think up with some other guys, if ya let me know. Oh, and curious, what was your team when you had your stick, and why’d it change?


My original go-to team was Nemesis/Sentinel/Wesker for gunshot relaunches and XF4 Wesker on anchor. However, when it comes to trying to work with Dark Wesker on pad…I can’t control it! I haven’t ruled out the possibility of pouring time into him again to get used to the timing again, but like I said, I don’t have much time until the big dance, and I could use all the input I can get. No pun intended.

My Doom game isn’t all that great, but Hawkeye…you might have something there. I’ve messed around with Hawkeye a bit, so he certainly seems feasible. My immediate question would be that if I use his triple arrow assist, do you think I could use Sent’s low rocket punch for relaunches, or would he be better doing something else?

Thanks for the advice! This is giving me quite a lot to work with!


super late reply on my part, but those are some good points. I’ll experiment with Sent on anchor and see how it goes :U

I lean towards Team Big, but that’s cuz that’s just my style :U. as other have told me about my team(s) numerous times, you will NEED to gain and keep your momentum with that kind of team. once you do, you’ll steamroll, but lose it, and you’re up shit creek without a paddle.

with my current team, Doom makes a good anchor (I suck with doom, but even my sucky doom is better than Sentinel anchor) and he’s a good assist/ DHC for the team.

as for Frank, I’ll let “the Cape” give you advice on him. He’s the local Frank guru XD


Okay, that’s my favorite thing ever, Nemesis and Hawkeye. He’s the best thing ever to get close, and Nem likes that. I could see Hawkeye greatly benefiting a Sentinel in both approaching and zoning, but I’m not positive it can extend Sentinel’s combos. I’m not sure if your otg is faster or slower than X-23’s, but I cannot use her otg and Hawkeye arrows for a relaunch. I’d look into using Nemesis’s clothesline rocket after the Sentinel otg, if you wanna relaunch. The rocket occasionally fucks the follow-up ('cept for X-23, the rocket always hits if I time my BnB right, and I intend for it to), but you don’t have a wall bounce on Sentinel’s combos, so that’s fun stuff. You’ll DHC to Sent a lot with that damage, so he’ll have the assist on hand. I’m very biased towards Nem’s clothesline assist, if you didn’t notice, but it’ll work, I say.


please only sent as anchor on team bigboy.


PFFFT. I like that name XD


its a good team. sent/hulk is really fun to play and you can do ghetto fly + hulk assist cross ups. i have a bunch of vids of that team online.


Gotta try this out. I love ghetto crossups. And this one sounds WAY more useful than dropkick forward roll + assist.


It makes me happy deep down in my heart of hearts that a team comprised entirely out of Heavies can hold its own in this game. Maybe not perfectly, but it’s nowhere near the suicide it was back in MvC2.