Nemesis,Deadpool,Wesker team plus team ideas



ive been using the assists katana-rama lower shot (wesker)launcher slam (nemesis) is this team any good for 100 percent combos ( all ready found one) plz help leave any teams that work for you too


For pure combo purposes, I’d say those assists are pretty much the best you can get, but they really have no other uses besides that. For comboing I’d say the assist you could get is the Spencer grapple as you can set up pretty good resets with it and also use it as a combo extender.

I have been using Nemesis, Dormammu, Frank West team myself, and while not the best of teams, I’ve been getting quite a bit of wins with it. The Shopping cart assist benefits both Nemesis and Dormammu very significantly and you can use it to setup some grab mixups with nemmy. The dormammu pillar on the other hand gives nemesis much needed control of the upper portion of the screen.


Your team is good…ish. Wesker and Deadpool SORT OF do the same thing and both are good but…you should dump Katanarama assist for Quickwork. Nemesis’s solo combos are often more damaging and very easy. Keep Wesker as your main OTG and use Quick Work to setup for unblockables, your team will do better. As far as 100% killers, Nemesis isn’t really good at that because of how abysmally his Hypers scale. His natural damage is high, but he rarely brakes 750K. The trade off is his insanely comboable followups, which means that if you want to go for 100%, you need a stellar DHC more than anything else. Deadpool I think works fine here, but there are others who could do better.

Side note, Spencer grapple is not the best for combos, but his horizontal zip assist DOES let him combo after a grab.