Nemesis General Discussion



I think he’s pretty good. Space gem is the obvious choice, but I’m hoping Time gem will prove worthwhile.


I haven’t gotten the game yet. How does he compare to UMvC3 Nemesis?


Pretty much the same. Stages feel smaller which is an advantage for him.


He gets a fun little loop in the corner, just whatever into rocket, then you get 3-4 reps of, hk rocket depending on what you started with.

Other than that I don’t know much about him!


Outside of being genuinely better


Definitely. Also not having to deal with assists is a huge buff. He’s better suited for this system than for one with hidden missiles raining down every few seconds.


For those who missed it monday:

Skip to 11:29


Basic combo using Power Stone.
Starter, power stone, sHP,cHK, QCB HP, sHP,cHK, QCF HK (hold just a bit), Rocket super

Feel like this might be too basic though…lol

Rocket Loops are so easy it’s crazy lol


Rocket Loops are yet another reason to use Space Stone


His lvl3 was improved, I believe it has faster start up also the poison its one of the highest damaging level 3s in game thats for sure.

I use Hyper Combo Meter mostly for his Punch Super, majority of the time I use lvl3 its the Storm reactivation version.


Brainfraud I posted some of your youtube matches in the video thread if ya dont mind.


Why? I suck, lol.

Nah, its ok.



Nemesis sightings from TeamSpooky. Scamby still rocking the zombie which is great


Partners for Nemmy? Been using Arthur but I’m thinking about switching him out for someone with more synergy.


SCR has a Nemesis in Top 8 Winners.



I’m glad they dropped the “T-type” thing.


Further analysis of Sacktapp’s wonderful run has yielded this train of thought.

Part of the reason Nemesis is seeing this much early success is that he punishes Tags pretty effectively. You tag to combo? Noodles will hit your other character while he twiddles his thumbs on screen. You tag in to interrupt his string? Surprise, there’s armor and an Invincible Super. People haven’t got a good handle on when and how to use tags in neutral and Nemesis capitalizes on that.


anyone know the best follow up to landing either command grab?


Any ideas on optimal combo’s or mixups for Nemesis/Dormammu? I can get dorm’s ball in the corner to connect after nemesis’s bnb and it seems like there is alot of time to do stuff while nemesis is in his super animation, just curious if anyone has figured out anything optimal.