Nemo Rolento Combo


So I’ve seen this combo everywhere (called it Nemo combo because I saw him did it first) but I can’t make it myself because I don’t understand if there is a trick or if I do something very wrong.

He does it here :

It is basically whatever into EX Stinger into MD Air Raid.

I’ve tried plenty of stuff, such as every strength of MD, multiple distances for the EX Stinger, hitting only 2 of the knifes, hitting 3 knifes. I do it as fast as possible and I don’t feel like I roll back more than he does, yet I am very far from landing it, like if I didn’t knew it existed there is no way I would have thought that this could combo considering how behind I am when I do it.

Could you guys give me some tips on this one?


Also is it character specific.? Can’t manage to land it on vega.