Nemy teamed up with Thor and Nova



Hi there,

Has any one tried a team of these charcters? I was thinking of Nemy on point with Thor as second and Nova as the anchor. Not sure what assists would suit need to do a bit of digging. One other thing I have been reading up about team builds and was curious about front loading, with front loading can you just use any assist that you feel would benefit your team and throw them at the back? For example I’ve heard Hulk doesn’t make a good anchor but if his gamma or whatever is good for your team then can you just place them there? With the intention of just using him for the assist only? Just curious really.


I don’t use Thor, but as someone who runs both Nemesis and Nova in a team, I will say this: Nemesis gets pretty much NOTHING from Nova’s assists. Nemesis’s Launcher Slam assist however let’s Nova otg with L Centurion and launch afterwards. As for the issue of front loading…Nemmy won’t work well with that. He has Launcher Slam as really his best and pretty much only used assist. His other ones have uses in the right teams, but that free ground bounce WITH a point of armor is just too good. Anyways…I’d say just give it a shot. I do think the best assist from Thor will probably be Mighty Spark for an easier time getting in, since Nemesis relies so much on his ground bounce, Mighty Smash is pretty pointless. As for Nova assist…if you’re going that team, use Centurion Rush. It’s the best assist that will help the team the most, and you can catch a lot of people off guard by creating an unblockable with Nem’s crouching L and the assist call, as a lot of people don’t realize how quick that low comes out.


A couple of things…

1.The assist version of Launcher Slam DOES NOT have armor.
2. Im not really a fan of using assists that causes a bounce (Wall or Ground) that the point character already uses. Nova can already get a ground bounce with fH. I guess you can get some ok-ish incoming mixups with Nova/Launcher Slam, but other than that I feel its sort of a waste of an assist.


rocket assist or lose!

choose wisely!!!