Neo Empire 3rd Strike, CvS2 and Hyper Fighting Tourney results

UK Neo Empire 3rd Strike, CvS2 and Hyper Fighting Tourney results

Just got a text from Mikee Showbiz aka Private Ryan who is at the event. Only managed to get the 3rd Strike results from him at the moment.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Neo Empire Tournament

1st CIV (Urien\Chun)
2nd Fuzzy aka DEMON GRIM! :clap: (Ken) XBL PLAYER! :encore:
**3rd ** The Chef (Ryu)
4th Chunkis (ken\ryu\akuma\sean!)


(Winner Stays On Format)

**1st ** - jericho-mpm 18 Wins
2nd desk 9 Wins
**3rd ** shin dragon 8 Wins
4th stalwart samurai 7 Wins

Hyper Street Fighter II

1st Demon Grim
2nd Nad
3rd The Chef
4th Mumra

Congratulations all!

First off, a big thanks to NeoEmpire for hosting a great torunament. Great event, well organised and a large turnout. Took place in the Univeristy bar area. There were 4 TVs along one side of the room with a further 2 at the front.

It was great to meet some cool fellas, Vince, Ryan, Fuzzy plus a number of new faces. Great attitude, great atmosphere.

Bass, Naz (sorry for waking you up so early mate!), Gunman, Vince UK and myself got there early and had time for a few casuals before getting going. There was a bit of confusion about format at the start of the group stages but everything ran very smoothly afterwards.

A quick rundown as it’s still in my head…

First off, we were split into 4/5 Groups of 7 to 8 people. We had just 1 match (!) against every other member in our party. Our group had 8 people of whom 4 went through in the end. I was a bit dissapointed at my performance, won 3 lost 4, nerves getting the better of me a bit. I found it impossible to tell how people played from just 1 match and I ended up being more defensive than usual.

Our group;

Raju (Troc player - Urien)
Neil (Troc player - Urien)
Oro player (Troc player)
A Hugo player (?)
Another Hugo player (?)
Ryu player (?)
Ediepops (Urien)
Willei (Ken)

Got to give some props to our man Willei. 1 round each, neither of us with any life left and he takes the match with a jumping ex hurricane kick. Good game and nice job fella!

Then the tournament proper started. Results as per Singho’s post;

FINALS - First to 5

CIV (5) vs Fuzzy (3)

CIV used Urien for the first two games, winning the first then losing the second. At which point he changed to…CHUN!!!:devil: Fuzzy (Ken) put up a damn good fight but in the end CIV went all out with his lighting fast reactions and trademark cr. mk xx SA2, xx super jump, HP, Fireball xx SA2!


Vince (Yun) played Chunkis (Ken).

Vince was absolutely beasting the first game. It was combo and parry city with these guys. Controversy struck as Chunkis quit the in round 1 of the second game due to his button configuration being wrong. I can’t remember whether he had to forfeit the round or the current game but either way he came back with vengeance beating Vince by that all important one game. It was hilarious as he struck the winning blow, leaping out of his chair and almost falling over it as he rushed into the crowd to celebrate.

Ooof. Bit tired now. I’ll let someone else put up their memories of the day…

Moment of the day imo was;

1> CIV (Chun) pulls of an SA1 on the french Hugo player (no energy left) for the win. Hugo is coming down from a jump and we think it’s all over…and suddenly… whilst still in the air he parries 9/10 hits of the SA!!! Looked like he was going all the way but unfortunately lost the rhythm in the end :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

Damn you chef! i will avenge that vega vs ce ryu…i thought i had you beat…oh well

You guys didnt bring a Xbox converter…Damn you! I had to leave and not compete for that reason only :sad: im not good enough on the Stick yet…Edipops were you the white guy using remy next to the entrance with a tekken 5 hori? If so your Remy was Sick! The Asian guy with a beard was the best there though, his Akuma was owning foos up. Anyone know who he was?

That was HarmoNaz.

Yeah, that was me. Light blue t-shirt and and black hair. I’m actually mixed race but hey np. I was going to use Remy in the Tournament but choose not to…

The Akuma player was Harmonaz. Yep, he was breathing down hard on people today. I think he came top or second in his group. He got unlucky once he qualified, his next fight being against CIV who beat him. CIV went on to win the Tournament.

yeah! it was a good tournament. i was realy tired when i arrived(having driven 69 miles from Cambs in 1 and half hour) plus nervous when i played. it wouldn’t have made much of a difference anyway. i kept missing genei jin combos damn. when i played Fuzzy in the casuals i knew he was a good player(variation of setups) so i asked Jason who he was, it seemed Fuzzy was the Dark horse of the tourney because not many people thought he could defeat Peaceman.

sniff i only had one victory against Bass.
thanks for the game from the Yang player against my Yun when he asked Peaceman if he could play me.

will be join x-box live when i have time.

Good stuff man. You were all there but i didnt even know about it. We could have got some casuals down if i knew it was you guys. I had a feeling it could be you cos you posted here and you were using Remy and Urien. It seems Harmonaz has improoved a lot since i last saw him fighting against a freind of mine on LIVE. When will the matches be up?

awesome comp. shout out to Raju who knocked me out of the 3s tournie. :clap: and to those guys I played in the mini round robin, for that last place in the top 16. can’t remember everone’s name but if you post here say hi, awesome games! also that french hugo in the final 8 (i think) was boss! anyone know his name?

The French Hugo player was PeChEuR.

SRK was down for ages, but some of the people who went down to the neoempire posted their impressions and experiences of what sounds as a blinding tourney here…

nice one NeoEmpire :tup:

@Jintheavenger: Oh right, you are Mceaglesmcclaw…i deleted that friend request that randomly appeared ages ago, as i didnt know who it was. Hit me up again if you fancy some games. :tup:

Hey Desk, were you the guy RCing taunts with Ken when the other player was raining down a barrage of tiger shots? If so, that made me laugh man :clap: Was awesome to watch

Jericho aint really told me the finer details about the tournament yet as i know off but i heard things.

happened well he defeated everyone i think or am i wrong… some girl was playing i heard she was good props to her for playing also. . . . . was she tick? lol

Rah someone was rcing taunt sagat fireballs are they mad lol

Yo. Wicked tourney. Edieman and a few others were really unfortunate in terms of the players that they ended up with in their groups. Fortunately for me only Fuzzy was there to steal a win off me (it was a close game!!) so I qualified okay - but then karma took over and I had to fight CIV in the first knockout match :frowning: When you watch the vids of the knockout stages, I think my inevitable loss to CIV was the most pathetic and boring match of them all (sniff). Its like watching a video on how NOT to play Akuma…
Chunkis doing the pause or whatever was punished as the game was given to Vince by default, so nothing wrong there. I just dont see why he didn’t go Makoto and played Yun instead…
Oh and I witnessed the entire “TWELVE IS TOP TIER” drama - I initially thought that maybe someone took the piss out of Ryan for using twelve and that was his reply after winning the game :slight_smile:
Though one thing most of you didn’t see was Bass executing his signature special on an arrogant dude in cvs2. Those of you who know Bass should know what I mean.
Willei was there? Geez, which guy was he? Wanted to say hi to him :frowning:

Hope to see all of you at the upcoming ranking battles (no exact date set yet)

Ha ha!

Yeah, I got a little excited when I finally started winning but that’s what an afternoon of Twelve getting raped by shotos will do to ya… and Willei was the guy with glasses, short spiky hair. In Edieman’s group, I think. Willei was playing Ken.

Twelve is top tier! :clap:

Lol yeah I heard some guys talking about it over at the AE machines. Apparently he busted out Blankas taunt (the one where he scratches his ass) into level 3 super taking the win from the clutches of defeat. Its a shame no one recorded it, I would have loved to of seen it :clap:

Good tournament! Big up to neoempire. Good games to everyone hope to see you all sometime at troc or at the next RB (the new location is still in the pipelines). The ranking battle website has a proper address now: check here for any updates on the next RB. Of course I am sure myself or someone will post any updates on this srk too.

As for sundays tournament, it was cool, would have been better if my stick didnt break the day before though. We need to have an arcade tournament, that is still the best place to play imo but it’ll never happen I guess, oh well.

The DEADMANINC stopped me from my signature place of 3rd! lol. But I was a blaytant sellout at times (urien players will spot this easily in the vidz lol) and he deserved to win. Good games.

Fuzzy was the darkhorse of the tourney, mad props to him for making the final although I am still baffled at how he managed to hack and slash his way through Peaceman and Chunkis. Well done mate. I didnt get to play vs fuzzy, would have liked to tho.

Yeah that french Hugo player was impressive, so was vince imo he should have one his quater final match, it was close.

Well done to CIV for winning, although I kinda knew he was gonna win due to certain players not turning up on the day.

Until next time, keep gaming. Peace. :tup:

LOL I thought I’d try my signiture special on Jericho cause he was acting rather arrogent towards the other players, he was beating them and not really being a good sportsmen about it, especialy considering the fact he was representing NeoEmpire. He could have just been carried away with the momment, but some players traveled from far and didnt know alot of people at the event and dont really want a large dude waving his hands and talking shit to them.

The UK scene is hardly massive so it is important that we are kind, humble and above all good sports man. Shit talking to friends is cool, but if you shit talk to new people and random heads you are only gonna put people of coming to future events.

Funny thing though Jericho went kinda quite for about half hour after the signiture special.

Jericho I got no beef with you man, but I want the UK scene to get bigger and better. I just dont wanna see the vibe that I am better then you and I am the best at this so give me kudos and shut up. that shit can only have a negative impact on the game.

apart from that I though all the other NE staff were very helpfull and proffesional and genuinly made everyone feel welcome and at home.

Also instructor and Jn why the fuck didnt you say hello, I might have looked crazy but I wouldnt have bit you or anything lol.

Overall 5 star tourny, our own Neovolution

1000 Thanks

First of all i must thank everyone on behalf of the **NeoEmpire:

Simeon, myself, (Shin_Dragon) Sho_Dragon, Art of Xiao, Giga D and Jericho**

for making our first major Capcom Tournament and huge success.

We can honestly say that it was the best event we have put on yet and that was mainly because of the players.

Yes we did have a couple of teething problems, a few egos did clash, but all in all a wicked day. We are currently revamping the website, and it will have a detailed report of the day + loads more. CHECK BACK IN A FEW DAYS


Shin - were you the guy playing N-Groove Yun/Iori/Cammy?