Neo geo 1 slot in a tekken 3 cab?


so im looking around for a cab to install a 1 slot in, specifically the MV-1B. I came across a tekken 3 cab on Craigslist. The seller says everything works but the monitor board needs repair soon. He is asking $125 for it. How easy is it to put the 1 slot in it with the preexisting wiring already in it? Or will it require alot of work/rewiring? Barely becoming familiar with the neo boards an have no idea about others.

Here is a pic of the cab



Shouldn’t be hard as long as the cabinet is using standard JAMMA connectors.


Find out about the monitor problem some more and how much it will cost to repair.


Does the $125 come with Tekken 3? If not i really wouldn’t buy it, if you’re into Neo stuff, might as well get yourself a dedicated Neo cab. A 1 to 2-slot Neo-geo should be around $275-$350. That’s with a game & mohter board. 4-slot Neo should fetch about $375 - $475 w/ MB & games.

If you really dont care about dedicated stuff then definitely see what’s up with that monitor. That’s the most important when buying an arcade cab. The wiring should be jamma but if it isn’t it will only cost you like $20 jamma harness, so its no biggy.


I would just look for a 2-4 slot neo geo big red. much better looking and I seen them go for pretty low.


I agree with everyone saying get a big red. Thats what i really want, but ive been looking locally for awhile and nothing has popped up. The last 2 is saw they wanted $550, for a 4 slot. Probably couldve talked them down but still more than i want to pay. A 2 or 1 slot is ideal. I even randomly ask corner stores or if i see one at a washeteria if they are looking to sell lol.
Yeah, the tekken cab comes with game, which will be cool to play since i remember how badass t3 was when it came out. Ill give the guy a call this week and see if he can give more detail about the monitor. its been on craigslist for acouple months. he had it listed for $220 originally i think. He dropped it to $125 if he could go lower.
And i grew up playing on big red and blue cabs. I told myself i would own one someday, so hopefully i can find one.


Rcaido is knowledge on the subject, so keep looking or low ball the pants off the guy and take some chances learning Jamma, but dont pay that for a cab with a known monitor issue.

Good luck brother!


Yeah, if the monitor just needs a capkit (usually dimm or blurry picture, slow to warm up), and it comes with Tekken 3, I’d say that is a good deal. Otherwise stay patient, sometimes it takes time to find the right cab.


Yeah, I’m seeing a pattern in suggestion. I still haven’t spoken with him about the monitor yet. But I will keep searching for a good cab. I want one so bad but patience is a virtue, and a virtue that can save me money if I find the right cab…
Thanks everyone. I’ll know by Saturday if I’m getting the t3 cab after talking to the guy.