Neo Geo AES help

Hello Tech talk!

Been awhile since I posted. I just recently came across a US Neo Geo AES for a bery good price, but when I got home and tested everything out, the colors as you can see below are pretty washed out. Its plugged into an HDTV and I figured it would look horribly pixelated but the colors just look bad.

I was wondering if this would be an issue with the system, the games, the cords, or just compatibikity with the TV.

Also from the back, it looks like it may have been modded?

Any help is appreciated and thanks!

It’s definitely not supposed to look that bad, even though Composite video is pretty shit. Don’t have an AES myself, I’ve only played on friends’, so I can’t really help you further.

I would check the area of the PCB that generates NTSC video, no idea if that’s known to have components shit out on it but it should be easy to replace the caps and crystal and whatever else are there.

I thinking it could use a Cap replacement, but that also jumping ahead.

I would hit up the Neo Geo fan forums and head to their tech support.
They have people actually experience with this kind of thing.