Neo Geo AES & MVS (Post Yours Up)


My Uncle Let Me have His Neo Geo AES System With Some Games and I Want To See Everybody Elses. So Post Them Up! along with Neo Geo MVS Cabinets

Sorry First Time Starting A Thread Here, Let Me Know If I Did Anything Wrong That Way I know in The Future


oh how i envy you so! this is that gift from your uncle you talking about it before in another thread?


yessir it is


Thats just stunning. I wish i could contribute more, but at the time of the Neo Geo (originally) it was $600 for the system and $200 per game. I don’t even know about the stick cost. Have fun with that!

(does it still play solid?)


Look at that black beauty. Nice catch, wish I had the money for an AES.


The sticks are the least of your concern with an AES. They’re pretty cheap (and easy to make your own, look ma! no padhack!)
AES games cost quite a bit compared to MVS games, and the Unibios is a real pain to install on the AES system too in most cases.
I’ll post pictures of my MVS when i’m done consolizing it… right now its nothing special


Here’s my consolized MVS. Consolized it myself. Powder coated black with vinyl MVS cabinet art on top.


^^^^^ holy shit wow, that looks very profressional and stunning too!


I jelly.


Looks Awesome Man!


Yeah It Still Plays Great, Right now Its Unhooked But Im Thinkn Of Making Space To Have It Back Up


Last Blade 2 <3


dinosaurman, best game evar! I just won a 4-slot board on eBay. So that’s my new project for a while – gonna have to consolize it.