Neo Geo Battle Coliseum 2 rumored to be in development


The source got deleted (either that or I personally can’t see it), but it said this

It will have a lot of characters
V-Trigger system
Keeping 2 vs 2 with assists
Cell-shading graphics similar to GGXrd / Dragon Ball Fighterz

For those who don’t remember the original NGBC, it was a SNK crossover fighting game from nearly a decade ago


they should give Kisarah her AoDK moves and overall more classic design (at least make her hair more like the original), and get rid of the school bag when fighting.
I think I saw a leaked roster somewhere, if Kisarah Westfield is not in the roster, they can kiss my ass. AoDK should get their own team in KOFXV, as should Koudelka, think SNK still owns Koudelka.
Would guess they would announce the sequel if they are developing it, cause like they gotta build hype over time. and yea the graphics should be enticing, cause KOFXIV really got humiliated due to its launch graphics. also, they should make a new Card Fighters Clash that is exclusively SNK cards and designed for PS4, add some character creation too.


Koudelka was only published by SNK They definitely don’t have the license to it anymore.

Kisarah is a shit character, just another forgettable schoolgirl that people only remember for her Desperation Move.

As for Card Fighters, makes more sense to push that kind of game on Portable/Mobile/PC than on consoles.


Kisarah is more than that. Her AoDK moveset is savage and epic brutal style she invented herself.
and her desperation move is the most innovative and creative powerful desperation moves
that doesn’t follow the generic “direct physical violence” nor generic “elemental move” super attack tropes.
She literally invented a new category of power and glorious style of defeating opponent with that signature move.
but of course it’s something knuckleheads wouldn’t understand.

You’re just sexist and discriminatory towards school girls. Kisarah would slaughter Kyo, K’ and Terry for free.

also its dumb and closed minded logic thinking a card game should be limited to portable/mobile/PC.

consoles are universal for gaming too and adaptable for all kinds of games, especially with PSN being so popular and profitable.

plus console like PS4 has superior communities than the piracy entitlement and cheater filled cesspool that is PC,
and the divided unregulated portable/mobile networks (plus portable gaming is bad for the eyes and low standard gaming platform)

portables are only high selling, in Japan in particular, because of lifestyles that have little time to game at home,
and delusional simpletons that are suckers for portability gimmick that game with portables at home anyways.

card games would be more presentable on a large screen and could have greater design, even hub worlds like Xenoverse.


Praising that strong independent women need to summon a MAN to defeat her opponent. And then calling other people sexist. Oh, the irony.


This affinity account is just an elaborate ruse by someone. Right??


Unfortunately a dedicated troll account that infests at least a couple of sites (This one and Gamefaqs).


Kisarah just breaks your heart by making you jealous.

Rasputin on the other hand, he gives you his heart.

BTW, Card Fighters originated on a portable, kinda makes sense to keep it that way because that’s where those type of games flourish. People do not play card games on consoles on their big ass tv screens on the couch. That shit is all on portables, mobile, and PC. In the case of mobile and PC, would be super easy to integrate crossplay too.


If it is a joke, she does a great job in staying in character 100% of the time :rofl:


she doesn’t need to summon a man to defeat her opponent. It’s a taunt and a finisher at the sametime. It’s optional icing on the cake of a beatdown.

and the man is just a catalyst for that attack, just like a magic user uses a staff or grimoire for a powerful spell. and a street thug uses a knife/bat to deliver damage.
it’s not needed, but it’s another way to defeat opponent.


NGBC is my all-time favorite SNK game. I am all aboard with this.

Also, Kisarah is cool. I like that Jealousy Bomber added Jo to show that they hooked up again after AoDK, and her animations were nice too.


It seems appropriate (with Arc and Cap having their own tag crossover fighters already out, well capcom at least) for snk to release this game.

I guess asking for it to be full 2D is a wet dream, most likely a reworked Kof xiv engine I suppose.


man i loved this shit
it was a game i truly tier whored lmfao

kim was so fucking good in this game
plus mr big
iori with otgs
but my main team was kaede and kim
loved this game only thing that sucked is that some of the stages lagged so random select for vs matches was a bitch


I love how random the cast was for NGBC. They didn’t always pick the main character from each game that was represented.


SNK held a character contest recently for an unknown fighting game

This won

Reminds me of a female Zato-1


Looks like SNK Boss material


if it turns out to be true i’m gonna freak the fuck out