Neo Geo Battle Coliseum getting HD re-release on XBL this spring


Was this game any good when it originally came out?

Let’s hope they don’t fuck up the online play like KoF12… and Garou… and 98’ UM…

Is that so…? I had no idea.

IMO, it was good. I still have it actually.

It’s being discussed in this thread. Enjoy :tup:

It’s like a Neo Geo greatest hits in a fighting game right? Kind of like the KoF series but more broad with people from a lot of Neo Geo games?

2 player tag team play makes me think its a TvC competitor? Idk…

Yes! I love this game!

if only more games got this kind of treatment.

Son of a bitch. I was all excited to make this thread.

Sweet! Another fun SNK fighter with shitty netcode!!! HOORRAAAYYYY!!!


It’s not like KOF. It’s it’s own damn game. Where’s the guy who’s gonna say that it’s like Samurai Showdown because it has SS characters?

What the hell…out of all the SNK games, they chose “NeoGeo Battle Coliseum”, LOL. I actually like the game but that’s just random. That’s like Capcom choosing “Capcom Fighting Evolution” as the next HD re-release. I would have rather had an HD re-release of SVC Chaos.

Well if it’s going to be in HD with like…KOF XII graphics then that’d just be ridiculous. There better be tournaments for it 'cause I’ll play it, lol.

lol… I actually enjoyed what little I played of this game.

i know right? you get all excited until you remember this particular company’s past when it comes to netcodes.

Well I wouldn’t use the word chose. More like this shit should’ve been on the 360 back in '06 with Regulation A when they announced it. But at least everybody else gets online with this release though.

Oh snap, I’ve just seen the remixed screenshots on iPlayWinner. It looks good. I’m excited now. I doubt anybody will play with me though and I don’t want to deal with the crappy netcode but oh well. I’m still buying it.

Where is meh 3S and A2 HD Remix damnit!?!?!

A guy can dream right?!? RIGHT!?!

Well remember this is SNK, not Capcom. It can still happen.

Your dedication is astounding.

possible potential here

As long as they don’t go and fuck up the netcode, the game can do no wrong. If they decide to bring this game out to PSN (which I doubt) I’ll pick it up for sure.

someone start a “Who should be in NGBC2” thread NAO


It’s like covering a piece of shit in sprinkles. The game fucking sucks, at least they could have done KoF XI, at least that was fun.

Haha. That’s just me, man. My friends know I’m a freak. I’ll play anything and everything. I’m actually practicing in NeoGeo Battle Coliseum right now on the PS2 so I can get ready to whoop some ass once it hits the XBLA. What’s up.

Who’s top tier in this game? Shiki is pretty good in my opinion. Never really played the game that much to try out all the characters yet. And Setsuna should have been in this game instead of Moriya. That was my main in The Last Blade 2.