Neo Geo compatibility

I’ve got an Neo Geo Cabinet (it’s actually a Capcom cab with a neogeo board in it).

Anyways, I need to know if I have to change anything for it to work. Namely power supply or wiring.

I’m taking a 1 slot (I believe it’s a MV-1F) and switching it for a 6-slot motherboard. I’m assuming you can just plug everything back in, but I’ve had trouble getting reliable information.

Also, I’ve heard of reliability issues with the 6-slot Neo geos. Is this true or just due to bad maintainence.

Check out System16’s pinouts page:

JAMMA and Neo pinouts are compatible. Neo has a few extra points for the 4th fire button, as well as stereo sound and the game select buttons. Voltage-wise, you can swap between them without any issues. You aren’t going to blow anything up.

As for multi-board neo reliability, yes generally speaking the more slots the board has, the less reliable it is over time.

Neo Geo boards are very badly designed in general. The battery sits directly over some very important and difficult-to-fix circuitry. If the battery leaks and corrodes this part of your board, you can almost kiss the thing goodbye. A good maintenance procedure to do when buying a Neo board is to immediately swap the battery out for a brand new one, and give your board a few extra years life.

If there’s already a neo in it, you should be fine, but you may want to wire up a button for game select. If you do put in a six slot, they suck the power down, so it is very recommended to run another +5 and GND from the power supply to the little white auxilary power connector on the top board. Youll have to hunt down the right part for the male connector, but it will help the life of the board.

The more slots, the more bitchy they become. Just a Neo fact.

Thanks, this is a major help.