Neo Geo Controller for Fighting Games

Over a month ago I purchased the Neo Geo controller for PS2 and have been using it for fighting games, although I’m accustomed to Arcade Sticks and D-Pads, I can’t seem to pull off Supers or Shoryuken type movements when things get hectic mid-fight with this micro switch thumb stick. Anyone have any tips for Neo Geo controllers? Thanks.

Are you dead-set on using this pad? That d-pad looks hard as hell to use. I would recommend switching to a stick, or at least a Sony pad. The six face buttons are a plus, though.

I have plenty of pads, so that isn’t the issue. I just spent a pretty penny on this since it’s a rather rare item and I wanted to see if it was decent to play fighting games with compared to a DPad since it has microswitches.

That and it being a Neo-Geo controller it seemed like it was made for it.

Yeah, one would think SNK would make a decent fightpad, but that d-pad though…yeesh

It’s definitely challenging to use, haha. It’s like a mix between an arcade stick and an analog stick. It feels good until things get intense and trying to do the motions comes across as strange since I’m so use to moving a regular DPad. It’s really challenging.

I have the same one, I like the clicky sound, but could never get used to it for fighters, wound up being more a collector item. My pad of choice is the Sega Saturn style controller for the PS2.

That d-pad is actually pretty decent for fighting games, especially if you prefer the slide method of pad input.

It is a modification of the original Neo Geo game pad. The Original pads came with the Neo Geo CD console.

SNK defiantly fixed the D-pad compared to the original.

Haven’t master this controller yet, but as a heads up for anyone who ever plans to use this in any serious way for fighters, be very delicate. Do not make jerky or pressy/pushy movements like you would with a D-Pad, just a small and swift rotation is enough for your move to go off.

The real mastery comes when you need to do a special, aka 2 quarter circles real fast, or a real fast shoryuken. Still mastering this controller, but it’s a great controller. I’d def recommend it for Shmups as it’s way better for Shmups than DPads are, and it doesn’t take real mastery like it does for fighters to use it in Shmups.

If I were to use a pad, I’d probably use this one