Neo Geo MV 1 questions

I’ve been wanting to get one of these for a while now:

I’m very new to all this tech stuff,so I was wondering what other stuff would I need to get it working? Does it have controller ports, what kind of controllers, can I plug it into my TV,etc.

I’m not sure…I think NeoGeo MVS to JAMMA

That’s jamma harness non-brand upright cabinet. the jamma harnes is to panel control, TV and R and L audio.

I doubt it that’s controller.

basically, I think you need a supergun to make it work on a TV.

The controllers will plug in to the supergun which will be pluged-in the TV.
The MVS slot will be connected to the supergun via Jama.

You can make a supergun yourself, there are a lot of tutorials on the net for that. If you don’t want to make it yourself, you can just buy one.

I have the Sigma av7000. it works great!

I use it with AES, Naomi and I have some CAVE PCBs as well.
(I will look for pics of my setup and post them here…)

Hattori Hazou EDIT:

Just replace the Naomi by the AES board you have initially posted.

One more thing: The default controller would be a Sigma Arcade Pro Stick… but I believe it’s VERY hard to find one. (and they will cost you the skin of the ass!! ^^ )

You can just cutomize any stick (or make one yourself), you don’t need any PCB. just connect the wires inside directly to a DIN13 female plug, and use a DIN13 cable to connect it to the supergun.

Search the net, you will find tones of tutorials on “arcade at home” stuff.