Neo Geo MVS arcade cabinet PSU replacement help

My MVS cab has recently started to reset randomly on me unfortunatly. Looks to me like it needs a new PSU.

It’s got the first MVS 1-slot board in it and a 17 (i believe, maybe 19) inch monitor.

Is it picky on which PSU it can run?

Would the one on there be okay?

I’ve had it for a few years and I’m going to eventually renovate it ALL. Monitor needs replacing and the PSU I’ve already thought about putting a brand new one in to be safe.

That Meanwell PSU should work just fine for a single slot. (and probably great for two and four slots. six slots, I’m not 100% sure on)
Check out Just grabbing a MV-1B manual from there, it says that it requires 3 amp on the +5, and 1 amp on the +12, so, yeah, you got plenty of power from that Meanwell.

Hmm, I was playing more today and I’m not quite sure it’s the PSU. The cart I’m using is a 120 in 1 multi cart bootleg. and some games it resets and some, not at all. I played Magical Drop 2 for well over an hour without it resetting, metal slug reset after the 3rd level (but i was able to beat it after that). I’m not quite sure anymore…well it probably could use a new one anyway