Neo Geo MVS carts?

I might be able to get my hands on a legit Neo Geo MVS arcade cabinet. But before I get it, what are some of the good games you can get on it for cheap? I know Garou will run you a few hundred bucks, but do all the good games run that much?

What’re some of the better, cheaper games?

If you don’t mind if the games are boots then you can get basically anything for really cheap. Ebay if your friend when looking for carts that are questionable if they are legit or not but work. Now if you want games with matching serials, shock boxes, and/or full kits just hit up the neo-geo forums and look in their selling section.

Theres a lot of good games you can score for like 15-30 bucks a pop from what i’ve seen on the Arcade Controls forum

Why, how much would a bootleg Garou go for?

And what’s the “book value” for a dinged up 4 cart, Big RedNeo Geo cabinet? I saw some of the less-ugly white ones selling for $700, and this one has part of the side panel missing (like, the wood is showing as if somebody ripped off the edge like a douche), some really crappy games in it (I don’t remember them off the top of my head, just a Metal Slug and a top-down arcade shooter) and some big, heavy, bad sticks (no homo) and buttons?

Indeed, but I’m looking for some of the good fighting games. Like I said, I know I could get Metal Slug 1, Baseball Heroes, and a couple others for 50 bucks…but I want some of the better fighting games.

That is a loose copy of Garou and can’t tell if it is a boot or not going for next to nothing.

Here is a full kit of the game going for $379. Great game and a full kit is nice but I’m not sure if I would pay anything over $300 for it.

Can’t tell you the value of a cabinet without being able to really see it and the guys over at would be able to give a much better idea on worth, though I can say that it will most likely be nowhere near $700. But my MVS system is a supergun that’s not in a cabinet so I don’t know those prices to well.

I’d definitely prefer not to pay over $50 (but this obviously is subject to change) for a single cartridge, so paying even $100 for Garou seems ridiculous. I saw that Garou lot before…but it is a full day away from being closed at this point, so I wasn’t sure how reliable it would be. Really, the games I’m most-interested in are KOF98, KOF2k2, KOF2k (depending on the price), KOF2k3 (it was on the Neo-Geo, right?), one of the better SamSho games, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special or 2 and the like…so yeah, I want SNK’s fighting games. I’ve seen some of em go for 20-50 on some sites (I think).

Most of those games you can find in the $10-50 range between ebay and as none of those are really hard to find. I’ve still been looking for a decent priced copy of Real Bout 2 for myself as that one seems to jump to the $50 range pretty easy and I just don’t want to pay that much. The KoF games will be easy to get as they are everywhere and people are always selling them.

KOF2k3 was released as both an MVS cartridge and a Jamma board.

Samurai Shodown I + II can be had on the cheapness and are great fighters.
Fatal Fury Special can be had on the cheapness too.

All of the World Heroes series can be had for pretty cheap.

That’s all off the top of my head.