Neo-Geo MVS to Xbox cab project

Hi all! This seems to be the best place to post this topic so here goes.

I plan to buy a Neo-Geo MVS US-style arcade cab. Although it’s working, due to the extreme cost of MVS cartridges I want to remove the Neo-Geo motherboard and replace it with an Xbox 1 to enjoy the many fighting games on the system as well as its array of arcade emulators including Neo-Geo.

What I intend to do:

-Remove MVS motherboard, stock buttons and possibly stock sticks.
-Purchase an Xbox to RGB JAMMA connection
-Install a remote power button to turn the Xbox on using the yellow wire in an Xbox controller padhack
-Replace the control panel with a new, two player set up featuring 8 sanwa 30mm buttons in the Japanese curved style for both players

Basically, I need advice on what material I should go with for the base of the control panel and what kind of Xbox to Jamma connection I should look into. I want it to when installed, look like it was designed to fit with the cabinet naturally.