Neo Geo pad 2-is it worth it?

I’m looking to get a good 6-button pad for my ps2 and soon-to-be modded xbox. I originally intend (and still do) to get the ps2 saturn pad, but i can’t find one for the life of me and it’s driving me crazy. When i DO find one on eBay they want me to pay about $200 and I’m not sure if I’m willing to shell out that much, so I’ve been looking for a good alternative. I’ve stumbled upon the Neo Geo pad 2 for the ps2 and I’m considering getting one, i just want to know, if it’s REALLY worth it. I’ve heard that overtime, with excessive use, the controller will wear out and won’t respond well and something about it being bad for charging-based moves, or something like that.
Just as a note, i do have the SF anniversary controller, but I’m looking for something different, as i like the Saturn’s d-pad better and the SF pad fells a bit too big.

So, should i get the Neo Geo pad 2? (and if possible is there ANYONE who will sell me the PS2 saturn pad for a decent price? I don’t expect to get it dirt cheap, but $200 is a bit too steep for me.)

Zeetes, my controller partner in crime owns one and says it has nothing on a Saturn pad. I would keep your eyes on this thread:

You can also go this route if you’re feeling crafty:

For me the Neo pad is the best pad out there. I will take and use that pad above ANY other pad on the market. You can find them for around $60-$0 on ebay right now but you can probably find a better deal over at I can’t say enough about it, my favorite pad of all time and it shits over anything else.

If you’ve played extensively on the Saturn Pad nothing else is going to come close. You’ve ruined every other pad for yourself.

I have Saturn pads and I have the Neo pads. No comparison to me. I love my Saturn pads but when it comes time to play there really is no choice.