Neo Geo Pocket Modded Stick (PMS) Worklog


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So about 2-3 weeks ago. I began working on making a NGPC working with an arcade stick. And decided to try to make a mini arcade unit. Here is the concept image I was working on. I thought it would be cool to rewire the cartridge port to be the markee on top, but upon looking inside the pcb, desoldering the cartridge port would be impracticle. I decided on 4 buttons A and B and Turbo versions for doing LP and LK in fighting games.

I really liked the NGPC but always wondered what it would be like to play with arcade parts. I tried emulators but the sound and emulation isn’t 100%.

Started with the main sides and control panel.

Since getting video out of this portable isn’t feasible with my electronics skills I opted to use a magnifying glass, and will be putting lights inside the cabinet.

Partially put together to test if I like the angle and ergonomics. Right now it is propped onto some particle board to hold it up, but that won’t be used as the base.

After a week of trying I finally got my turbo circuit working with the 555 timer chip. This PCB that I hacked up basically fluctuates the voltage for the common “ground” on the two buttons which actually has voltage and cycles it to the true ground from the - side of the battery. I can now attach the common line for A and B to these and they will automatically press on and off. The red wire is from the Common on A and B, the white goes to the battery - and the output on the right goes to one of pins of the button, while the other pin goes to the button signal. Used an astable circuit setup for anyone wanting to do research on the diagram for this.

Made side supports for the panel. I drilled holes for threaded wood inserts to attach the panel.

I did a test fitting with the parts that came in. Neo Geo colored buttons. I decided to use an LS-40 since that is what I heard was used in the Candy cabs.

I didn’t like how low it was when I bottom mounted it so I top mounted into the 1/4 in MDF by carving out 1/8 in from the top for the mounting plate. I hope it holds.

A view from underneath

Worked on the Marquee and top panel. Decided that I should use corner braces for these.

A view of what it will look like at eye level. The stick is designed to be played at a dinner table or desk height rather than a coffee table. I’m going to cut up some black acrylic to make an enclosure for the system from the front. I was also going to be using maglite LEDs to light the inside of this.

Hope to update in two weeks or so. Things to do next are to figure out the bezel and setup lighting in the cabinet.


Pretty cool reminds of these.


It was actually inspired by one of those. I was looking at the donkey kong one.


HA dude I was trying to find the Donkey Kong picture.

Could not find it so I posted the Pac-Man.

My cousin use to have the Donkey Kong one.

Good luck with your project.


You seen this yet? It reminds me of it.


the stick is sweeeet, the screen is kinda funny hehe


My wife and kids love this! I do too.


Awesome, Color me Jealous


LED Hack

Went to Home Depot and got an LED light. Button was on front and the battery compartment was built into the light so I had to hack the button and batteries to be external. This will go inside the cabinet.

Was originally going to solder a maglite lamp to a breadboard, but the Home Depot light was less work, came with reflectors built in, and was easy enough to hack. Also 5 leds have more even lighting.


Very nice!
Reminds me of playing on the classic Game Boy with magnifying glass and light add-on.



I used to repair and maintain the full size MVS cabinets and i think your mini cab looks awesome. Have you considered other mini cabs ?

a mini sega nomad cabinet might be very cool.


Some Updates

I have painted some parts of the stick. Mostly the Joystick Base.

After that I worked a little on the front Bezel. Also mad a little interior stand for the LED. That one is the unmodded LED for testing. The hacked one takes too much time to hook up.

On the front the left button is for power and the right one is to turn on the LED light. Luckily the led light came with a pcb that can be hacked with a Momemtary Contact switch, and has 2 brightness levels. Mounted the battery pack for the LED lights on the Left Rear. I was going to do the same to the NGPC battery, but since the NGPC has to be removable to change games, I decided that the wires for that would create more of a mess.

Actually used DS-412 which are 18mm. They work well with plexi and are easier to remove than the SDMs-18, but are less secure.


Looking good! Can’t wait to see how this turns out.


Part of me hates you for taking apart a NGP (I absolutely love the stick on those!), and the other part envies you for having something this cool NGP related. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Nice! Just thinking about made one myself :smile:


Very cool. Keep us updated.


What a wild idea.


I originally wanted to build a MVS cab, but don’t have the space for an arcade cabinet in my house. I think hopefully after this I might want to consolize a MVS 1 slot and build an Desktop arcade cab around my 13" TV.


Speaker mounting

I had an old boombox from the 1980’s I’ve been meaning to throw out. The only thing on it that worked was the speaker so I gutted that out.
Here is my sound system. I cut the wires going to the little speaker in the system and routed them outside. Much louder. Hope this doesn’t drain the battery quicker.

Mounted to the top of the cabinet. The led light is working great despite the iPhone photo. The light in the background and the reflection on the glass actually makes it look different than what I see with my eye when I look inside.


Assembled and working.

I did a preliminary assembly of everthing and almost everthing i working as planned. Here are some pictures.

here is a Youtube Video of it in action.