Neo Geo Stick 2(ps2) Mod?


Hi, I’m sorry if it’s not the right section of the board to ask about that, please move it if needed.

I own a ps2 Neo Geo Stick 2 since the launch day, but never really played it much (so it’s in perfect condition).

now I have 2 pcbs lying around, one for 360 and one for ps2+ps3.(in both case mame and pc stuff would be playable)

I was trying to find a place online selling one of those, but couldn’t find one as it seems out of stock (play asia/ncsx) or pretty rare…

so how much is one of those worth nowadays (given that it’s imported and already in europe) ? (perfect condition and complete (I don’t exactly remember if there was any flyers in the box, but whatever was in, is still in))

would it be a good Idea to mod with 360 or ps2/ps3 ? what ppl would be the most interested in ? and how much should I ask for it (given that it’s imported and already in europe) ? (I guess I could also do a gc mod to get it to work on wii but it’s kinda useless as the neo geo stick already exists for wii)

thanks a lot in advance.


c’mon please, you guys should have at least some input on this :slight_smile:


If you have an eBay account sign in and search for completed listings. You should be able to get a general idea of its value. The Wii edition looks like it’s going for $100 and the PS2 $150. Those numbers could be inflated or outright wrong. You could try selling it in the trading forum, but unfortunately they make you declare a price in order to sell. You can’t just take offers on it.


Even on places like where they keep prices for things like those down you can easily ask for $80-$100 depending on condition. Hell I would be willing to trade you a 360 stick with LS-32 and Sanwa buttons for the whole set if your interested.


I’ve been looking into one for a while and they are so rare…I’m sure its worth at least $250…$300 with game, theres a really nice Garou MOTW designed one with game but I already have the ntscj import


Price has gone up because it looks like people wanna hold on to them…It might be a bad time to sell now with the mad catz SF craze, I know I’ve spent alot!! But the KOF XII is coming out later might be able to sell it better then because button layout is matched the way original snk fighters were…you are very lucky to have it


I got the MOTW edition for $110 on ebay like a year ago, iv’e seen the regular ones going for $75/$100 from time to time, they are kinda rare so prices are always changing.


Yeah, they are awesome…too bad they were only released in Japan…I hear they hold up better than the originals by SNK


No stock joystick (not counting SFIV TE) comes close to the old AES/NGCD sticks for me. Something about one of my favorite systems coming with the most bad ass pack in joystick was just great. Now the joypads from the CDZ are nice as all hell too, best dpad thing to ever be released.


Thanks for your input everybody, i really appreciate it ! :slight_smile:

Kyle>hey I didn’t know you could search in the ebay’s completed auctions listings, cool stuff, thanks !

Sazae> I just looked on forums but got a database error, and I because I just registered, I can’t post a price inquiry in “market” :frowning:
about trading the stuff, the thing is, I just finished modding my HRAPEX, and I don’t need a second one, that’s why I wanna selling this one
main reason is also that it’s been sitting around pretty much unused since I got it as I didn’t get into the seimitsu stick and layout that much and was still playing with a neo cd ps2 pad or ascii pad ft…

is that there’s more and more SNK stuff on 360 and PS3 and I have a ps2/ps3 and a 360 pcb unused and could put either one in there for increased interest from ppl(?) or would ppl actually prefer the thing to remain intact as a part of a collection (?), I honestly have no idea…

JDIGITALSEVEN>just saw on an ebay store an orochi version with box in very bad shape and stick completely scratched for 140$ o_O and 230$ for the garou one, new. I think that’s a bit crazy…I don’t want to rip ppl off, I was thinking I could get a pretty good price out of this if modded with either ps2/3 or 360 support as there’s more and more SNK stuff on 360 and PS3 and KOFXII is getting closer.
or would ppl actually prefer the thing to remain intact as a part of a collection (?), I honestly have no idea…


I have the orochi stick 3 (with box :wgrin:)…no it’s not for sale :sweat: