Neo Geo Stick?

Hi all,

I’m thinking about building a custom stick to play the upcoming 2d fighters. I’m a big fan of the Neo Geo stick so that would be my main target.

My question is, since I’m not that fimiliar with other sticks, which of the brands (Sanwa - Seimitsu) offer sticks that is closer to the feel of the Neo Geo Stcik in terms of tension, engage, throw and deadzone?

Thanks a lot.

Are you talking about the Neo sticks that came with the AES and CDZ or something off of one of the cabs? If you were playing on a Big Red or Goldie then you were probably using Happ parts. The stock stuff that came with the AES and other home systems were Seimitsu I believe.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Stick that came with the AES system:

What kind of Seimitsu were they? LS-32? LS-40?

And do those parts identical to the neo geo stick in terms of throws. deadzones…etc?

Thanks again :woot:

AES old joystick is LS-30 that’s Seimitsu joystick but discontiued on late 80’s
it’s very rare joysick. the joystick is awesome.

If you want play old school SNK fighting games, For example this game KOF 94-98 is old school fighter game on Arcade NEO GEO cabinet in North America. We reogizened Competition bat-stick Joystick and happ concave 4 buttons layout on NEO-GEO cabinet for only Canada, America and Mexico are North America.

If SNK make new fighting game on future. We reogizened Sanwa JLF joystick. about 2003

Other traditional SNK decided use that’s Seimitsu LS-40 is quite popular on NEO GEO candy cabs in only Japan. Old school.

your choose there joystick.

I’ve KOF95 on PSX. the game is mint. : )
I 've KOF neowave on Atomiswave is arcade. The final boss is hardest “Young Geese” kill me. T_T (cry).

I collection all SNK Anthology for PS2 games. cause I’m fan SNK hardcore.
I’ve a (old joystick) from AES.

LS-30 is the rotary stick for Ikari Warriors etc. The AES stick has no name.

Anyone who’s used the neogeo stick for Wii, how’s the quality?

So which would you guys say of the sticks available now is closest to the feel of the AES Stick?

Personally I would say the Seimitsu LS-56-01 feels the closest to me. I have very limited experience with the classic AES stick but from what I remember the LS-56-01 is it for me.

I experenced there Seimitsu joysticks.

Seimitsu LS-32 + LS-56 = LS-30

Seimitsu LS-33 + LS-40 = Sanwa JLF

Thank you guys. I’l give it a try.

opi schooled you noobs as usual. he’s too strong in the stick game (no homo). keep it up opi! :tup:

LS-30 SNK (rotary) mechanically he be connected with series LS33 and LS55 - there is no bearing, mechanically - LS30 SNK this turned in vertical LS33, but he uses old base and hub on microswitch similar to LS32
LS-30 AES it looks how LS-30SNK but mechanically it is LS32 or LS40
AES LS-30 use bearing this is not dynamics LS-30 SNK

LS32 and LS40 and JLW is similar

Thank you Kowal. I tried the JLF stick but it was too lose to my taste after playing for so long with the Neo Geo stick. I guess I’m to target the LS-32 or LS-40 then. Do they offer the same feel? which has a shorter deadzone,engage and throws?