Neo Namco Stick Project

I started with this…

Original shell was scrubbed with harsh abrasives until the shell was dry and flaky (perfect for painting:wgrin:)

Plastic shell being cleaned and prepped with SEM Vinyl and Plastic Prep and then primed with high build plastic primer (SEM)

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Bondo Time!:sweat:

More primer…

I blocked sanded the flat areas and hand sanded the rest.

After repeating the process of blocking and priming, I painted it smoke gray and decided to install the VSHG pcb (thanks “codyk”) I purchased and modded. See the shorten usb cable and blinging .110 QDs?:tup:

Why the shortend usb cable? Because…


To be continued…

I love the “action” shots of the spray can, whilst the spray is in the air.:wgrin:

Looking forward to how this turns out, especially what you are going to do with that USB plug in the front. It had better not be just an extension for the USB cord as that could be pulled out a thousand times easier than that. Maybe some kind of project box?

looks cool! Can’t wait to see it completed!

USB = PS3 and PC = Wave of the future

Thanks for the comments.

Thanks. It’s solely usb. With the cps3 being cracked, I have no reason to dust off the ol’ Dreamcast:sad:

So, the USB plug is just for an easy disconnect and sexy looks:wgrin:…:sweat:

Updates before Friday and when I figure out what color to get the top panel coated.

I’m pretty sure this is going to look sick in the end, I’m going to check up on this thread a lot.

I always love Namco mods. They are super clean in the end. Was it difficult for you to align the top mounting screws for the sanwa?

Not difficult at all because the Namco screw holes lined up perfectly with some holes on the Sanwa’s plastic base.
Pearlescent Bronze Powdercoat
Tamiya Titanium 3x8 Fasteners
Neautrik Reversible USB panel mount Outlet
Sanwa Stick and Buttons

looks sexay. :tup:

Just add some artwork and it will be even more sexy. lol


Don’t listen to him, its gorgeous.

Did you paint or powdercoat the screws holding the top plate on, the screws holding the USB connector on, or the USB connector itself?

Everything else is in it’s natural state. The usb plug is nickel plated stock and the fasteners are natural titanium.

How ironic that you reply, Toodles. I believe you powder coated a T5 stick and that’s what convinced me to do this.

Cheers to you.

:sweat: I guess your right…still looks top tier without artwork.

i plan on powder coating/anodizing/galvanizing/something my agetec sooner or later. one concern of mine has been tolerances. did you find that powder coating caused your button/screw holes to “shrink?” if so, did you hone them prior to the treatment? after?

Oh, hell yeah.

I had a total of 4 items powder coated and I thank “goodness” that this one came out the best. The fitment for the Namco is definitely snug and when I tightened the panel screws, you could hear, feel and see the panel snap into place. On my T5 panel, I had to shave the edges with a razor for it to ft.

I’m certain that if I told the man that these were close tolerance panels, he wouldn’t have used so much powder and I would have no problems.

I had the same problem with mine. The thickness was like someone dipped it in paint and let it dry.

I’ll remember to mention close tolerance if I ever do powdercoating again. Thanks.

I like the grass shot: Wild Joystick frolicking in the meadows.

That’s sick.