Neo Paradise SFV Casuals: Oct 2nd, 5-11pm. Located at Revolution Comics & Games in Bellmore, NY


Looking for another venue to practice your skills at Street Fighter V in the western Long Island area? Well look no further than us at Neo Paradise! We plan on doing bi-weekly events for casuals, as well as tournaments!

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Address: 108 Bedford Avenue N, Bellmore, NY, 11710.
Date: October 2nd, 2016 from 5:00 PM > 11:00 PM

Venue fee: $5 to play for the night.

Driver Discount: Driver gets $1 off the venue fee for every person they bring.*
Setup Discount: If your bringing a monitor and PS4, you only have to pay $2 for venue *
*These discounts don’t overlap, it’s one or the other.

Game We’re Running: Street Fighter V for PS4.

Railroad Transportation: If you live in the city or anywhere out deeper into Eastern Long Island, we are right near the LIRR Train Station so there’s always that option!

If you want more information, join up with the Facebook group:

We’re a pretty small scene at the moment, so if anyone can bring a monitor & PS4 we’d be very greatful, and if you could spread the word that would be excellent too!