Neo pinout question again

Does anyone know which colour wire in a neo controller cable corresponds to which pin? or button etc?

For the old style stick it’s:

Inside the stick ground changes from brown to black.

No idea if the new style stick and NGCD pad have the same wire/colour correspondence.

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How on earth do you open the plugs on them? I thought they were sealed.

Balls, mine are sealed.
I have 13 wires in mine including a pale blue.

Only the socket on the new style stick and NGCD can’t be opened since it’s molded plastic. The socket on the old style stick can be opened with a few small flathead screwdrivers:

There is indeed a sky blue wire in the cable but it’s unconnected at both ends,

Im guessing mine are from pads then.
I just have the cables you see.
Also I would guess the colours would be the same on the pads as the old sticks.
Im going to go for it :slight_smile:

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I would double check with a multimeter. If the cords are from a new style stick or NGCD pad they will have the power pin (8) connected.


I heard, you make a consolized for Atomiswave System?

how much cost?

any Neo Geo Joystick or pad connect to DB-15 on AW system. nice.