Neo Q&A



A couple people said they wanted to do a Q&A with Neo, so post your questions and I’ll get the answers.


Really? Thanks!

I’ll start off:

  1. Apart from himself, who does he think are good Juri players?

  2. What does he think Juri’s good and bad match-ups are?


ye I was requesting it as well myself thanks for hearing us out.

So i guess heres a couple

  1. how do you deal with the exceptionally bad matchups such as honda or balrog.
  2. id imagine you have some very personal setups of sort, from watching your videos every now and again i see you do an obscure safe jump setup on your untechable knockdowns, have you found any unblockables with her? ill understand if you dont want to give specifics, but do they exist?


Well, mine are a bit hard to answer, but here goes:

  1. What is his favorite move/tool from Juri’s arsenal?
  2. What does he think of the arcade edition Juri changes?
  3. Does he have any interesting option selects he would like to share?
  4. Any other personal favorite setups, like safe jumps or the like?

  1. What do you think is Juri’s greatest strength?
  2. Is there any main objective you tend to go for when playing “normal” matchups?
  3. Why do you need an ambassador? Can’t you come here and talk to us yourself?

  1. Good Time and Eish

  2. I(Neo) don’t care about matchups.


lol gdlk

  1. I(Neo) just play to have fun.
  2. Go to training mode :slight_smile:

  1. No answer???
  2. He likes the changes
    3&4) Training mode is your friend.

  1. No answer again
  2. Just play to have fun
  3. He doesn’t have an SRK account and I doubt he’s ever been here.



  1. Are you still maining Juri? Based of the last Ranbats video from Alaska gamers you used a whole bunch of characters before Juri, I didnt watch the full thing that maybe have shown the explanation.

  2. Are you gonna go to any big tournaments soon? or Did you go to big tournaments aside from evo and just did not place?

  3. Whats your favorite/ go-to ultra 2 setup?

  4. Also will you consider uploading more replay when you play online?


Sick answers so far! I thank you great master.

I bet it’s the one which is most fun. Or he doesn’t answer. So mysterious… like a superhero! I love you


lmao we got trolled, move on guys nothing to see here



I want to believe I’m not getting duped. Am I?


Just a piece of information, everyone would agree Tokido is a genius when it comes to fighting games right? I asked him (Shadowloo Showdown this past weekend) what he thought of Juri, He said “Bad”, then I asked since hes been play testing arcade what does she think of Juri there he said “Better but still… bad”.


wooooo, now i respect tokidos word. if he say shes @SS, i’m dropping her.


^^ Sarcasm much ?

I honestly cant tell o.O lol


i was joking lol. i already knew juri was one of the weaker characters after 2 weeks of SSF4. but i figured tokido would say that. mago said that he felt juri was just untapped. but this was around summer time, he may feel differently now.


Q: What does he think of Juri? A rush down heavy character with zone skills? Or a zone heavy character with combos? Or just a opportunist mainly catching people jump-ins and mistakes?


On spot. I know when AE comes out I’ll just test Juri a little bit then move onto DJ and Gouken.