Neoblood's art thread


I submitted this for the 25th anniversary, but I don’t think they’ve used it. Oh well, maybe I’ll get something in for the 30th anniversary lol.


this makes me smile :slight_smile:


Cool pic man. A lot of personality here.


Hey man, congrats!

I’m guessing from this article posted by capcom, you got in?


Well it actually says I didn’t, but it’s nice to at least get some recognition for it! :slight_smile:


Nice work. I love storytelling images.


That’s a great pic!


Made this yesterday.


Ha nice :slight_smile:

That Gouken Ryu and Ken pic is really heartwarming. Would make a great t-shirt.


Sept. 5 is Freddie Mercurys birthday so to honor him and participate in “Freddie For a Day” I did a quick speed painting.


yo man you got to finish that and put that on a shirt… id buy that today



nice stuff


for the DuckTales thing going on at Capcom-unity


dude, your DuckTales / Alpha2 mashup was posted on the SF Facebook :slight_smile:
nicely done.


Work in progress… I take way too long of art breaks. Stupid real life job.


Need to fiddle with the colors and I realize now that I didnt ruffle the hem of Sakuras skirt. =_=


Wow it’s been a while and it looks like all my images are broken. I’ll try to fix those but I also wanted to post a couple blank variant covers I’ve done of Street Fighter Unlimited