NeoDS control issues

I was using the NeoDS emulator for the Nintendo DS last weekend, and I must say that it does an amazing job of running games on the system’s limited hardware. However, I keep running into the same problem with all the fighting games… it’s impossible to throw fireballs! I can perform dragon punches, and even pull off SNK’s ridiculously complicated desperation attacks, but no matter what the game, I cannot throw a simple freakin’ fireball!

Has anyone else used this emulator, and if so, have you run into this problem? What did you do to address it? I thought it may have had something to do with the control pad of the DS Lite, but it’s worth noting that I CAN use fireballs while playing Street Fighter II SCE in jEnesisDS, the Sega Genesis emulator for the Nintendo DS.

I can pull off qcf’s on my Nintendo DS Lite just fine. If you can throw qcb>hcf type attacks without any problems, I don’t see why you can’t throw simple qcf’s. Try pulling it off on player 2 side, and also try qcb’s and hcf/hcb’s.

Mind specifying which system and games you were trying them on, and how you execute qcf’s? I suspect it’s just execution. When using NeoDS, I do find that I have to slow down my executions for most games to recognize, partly because some games don’t run full speed.

I’ve got a DS Lite, and I execute quarter circle forward motions in the usual way. I’m playing the King of Fighters games, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, and World Heroes 2. WH2 is the ONLY game where I can pull off all the special moves reliably… I attribute this to the looser control in ADK games.

Just out of curiosity… what settings are you using when you run your games through the converter? I’m using the default settings. Would I have any luck if I specified the BIOS? What BIOS are you using… the official one or the universal BIOS?

I also have to slow down some of my moves on the NeoDS.

I’ll have to check which bios I’m using (I’m pretty sure it’s the offcial)

I havent messed with my DS for a while, but I’ll take alook at my settings.

Not sure if BIOS would help, but it’s worth a try. I’m using Universal BIOS 2.3. NeoDS settings at Scaled, Normal. You could also be playing on a bad dump (my old copy of Garou was too slow on NeoDS until a got a new one).

It’s a possibility. However, what are the odds that nearly all of my ROMs would have the same problem? I have several sources for games, so replacing those won’t be an issue, but at this point I’m thinking that the emulator itself may be corrupt. I think I got mine from DCemu… where’d you get yours?

Nope, downloading the emulator from a different source totally didn’t help. I’ll try a different set of games. Thanks for all your help so far… I’ll keep you informed on my progress.

This is really screwed up. I downloaded King of Fighters '94 and '95, and the control in both games works fine. I can pull off fireballs with Ryo no problem. However, '96 seems to be the cut-off point… nobody can throw fireballs at all in that game, or '97, or '99. Bao can’t do ANYTHING but normal punches and kicks.

How have you guys been doing with '96, '97, or '99? I’m going to try the Eolith KOF games next, to see if I have any more luck with them.