Neoempire presents : SVB 08 : London, UK : 29-30 March 08

**We at Neo Empire are proud to present Super vs Battle 2008 **

For those that do not know, Super VS Battle is the biggest professional Fighting games tournament in the UK and is open to the all players Worldwide. This is the place where the best come to show their stuff and be crowned Super VS Battle Champion.

All the information needed to participate in this event is available on theSuper VS Battle website.

Tournament Date:
Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th March 2008

Confirmed Games:
Guilty Gear Accent Core (PS2)
King of Fighters 2002 (Neo Geo)
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PS2)
Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (PS2)
Capcom VS SNK 2 (PS2)
Hyper Street Fighter 2 (PS2)

The Venue
Westminster University - Harrow Campus // Area 51 - Student Union Club // London UK

Super VS Battle

Neo Empire


Why not. In the Uk button binding players dont do any better than non button binding players.

The Uk scene is very unsettled. We need to attract as many players as poss and allowing BB opens encourages more pad plays to participate.

uk tournaments keep forgetting about the good games like vf5 etc tekken

Thats not so has done 2 large VF5 tournaments in the last year, but as i said the UK scene strugges. We dont have an EVO sytle following so numbers for many tournaments are quite low.

As for the UK Tekken scene, that is a total mess. DR installed in 8 arcades through the whole country!!

The UK PS3 T5 DR is slow and has borders and 97% of PS3 owners cant download the US or JAP version of DR due to the regional restrictions .

There is nothing that established UK, but myself and the Neo Empire team are pulling out all the stop to make the UK scene as big as the US scene.

But we have a long, long way to go!

yo i might enter the uk scene this year not too sure tho:looney:
you do know its gonna take a while for the uk to get to evo level.
anyways there are over 10 new fighting games out this year might make neo empire more hype

I’m going on the Saturday :slight_smile:


What time do the events start/end? I wouldn’t mind hitting up an SF4 one but can’t find a start time.