NeoGAF Community Patch List


The NeoGAF Marvel community has finished its patch suggestion list. Please check it out at the link below:


an exhaustive amount of work was done, very robust… I hope everyone will give a read through.

EDIT: Seems like Karst forgot to post the annodated one:


Lol Phoenix buffs. Really?


These changes … they don’t fix much, or rather they don’t fix any of the core problems of certain characters, just change up characters a bit.


Could you be more specific? Like, which characters?


I like that Magneto is pretty much the same, since he is too fair already. Phoenix buffs seem highly questionable seeing as how she is already getting a TAC system buff. They’re practically taking a dump on Vergil with those nerfs, which I’m okay with haha. Zero would also drop from top tier status with those nerfs. Morrigan would pretty much be the same (though Missiles did get nerfed), same goes goes for Doom, Dorm, Nova, and Wolvie (although OS divekick/throw gone). I love all the core system changes, TACs would be awesome, X Factor not so gimmicky. Overall 8.5/10


Some buffs and nerfs make no sense I honestly didn’t read all of them but some of them make make characters SERIOUSLY broken. The best overall nerf/buffs are the system changes. To me more should have been done with the assist. You change the point aspect of the characters and barely touch assist. All assist should have SOME UTILITY. Granted some were changed like viper getting lasers. Its ok and it helps balance the game but I see some characters being rediculously broken because of it. Characters like x-23 will now kill meter positive and be able to kill THOR FOR NO COST. Also I am surprised nobody bothered to add DLC to the list


yeah… no? did you forget that hitstun scaling exists?


Trying not to be that guy, but this is pretty much a proposal for a new game instead of a patch.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s much you could do to “fix” Marvel 3 in the context of a patch, but this would be an interesting game mod.

I guess one thing I would comment on is to be careful about proposing changes, as in the s.L example, for the sake of determining how you want people to play the game. I completely empathize with the idea of thoughtful changes for a thoughtful game, but please remember that people should be able to play how thoughtlessly they want, as long as its within the rules and boundaries of the game.


Well just skimming over the stuff and characters I’m familiar with:

*Assists can no longer be called after recovering from a hit after having entered a superjump state.

Either you guys misunderstood the properties of superjump, or I don’t get the point of this. Am I suppose to superjump, get hit, recover, and then not be able to call assists? This is rarely a problem. If you are talking about recovering from a combo in the air after being launched, and then call an assist while being at superjump height? Then the character isn’t in a superjump state, they recovered from a launched state. It’s the opponent who superjumped, not the character being hit.

*Morrigan changes

*Shadow Blade M float point reduced (removes Morrigan’s corner infinite).
+Shadow Servant THC chosen for all assist types.
+Finishing Shower hitstun increased.
+Vector Drain air OK.
+Darkness Illusion leaves opponent in a crumple state.
+Air throws and Vector Drain (all) untechable knockdown increased by 30 frames.
-Soul Fist and Soul Drain damage reduced to 70,000.
Assists: Shadow Blade H, Dark Harmonizer, Soul Drain[/details]

Giving her a Soul Drain assist would be a bit too much, since you’re giving every character a way to drain meter. I don’t see how giving her a 1-frame air command grab would fix anything, all it would do is change her. Also, you changed some properties of her supers, which I can’t really recall anyone saying they were a major problem, but more importantly you’re letting her keep her astral vision game intact. You lessen her fireball damage, but she still keeps all her winning matchups against most of the cast. I thought the majority consensus would be to take away meter gain during Astral Vision so at least her meter gain doesn’t keep recycling if she gets a hit, meaning that if she does get a hit, you character would be able to live (not counting TAC) and then would eventually get another chance to fight a non-astral vision Morrigan. Also, what does increasing the hard knockdown time of throws do? Let her wiggle around before the opponent gets up? She already gets free astral vision activations, and, combo-wise, she can’t do anything other than Super anyway, which she can already do, so it doesn’t change anything.

*Captain America:


+Final Justice invincible from frames 0-36; travels faster; allows for post-hyper combo follow-up through Shield Slash L OTG.

He can already do this.

*Vergil Changes

*Round Trip glitch removed.
+Lunar Phase vertical hitbox increased slightly.
+Sword Storm projectiles may now be fired manually with an A+S input, as with Blistering Swords.
-Rapid Slash is now -20 on block.
*Spiral Swords is now a level 2; vertical hitbox decreased slightly; may shift to one other sword formation free of cost.
-Dimension Slash may no longer cross up.
-Helm Breaker can no longer be canceled into s.S.
-Invincibility frames on Devil Trigger removed.
+Rising Sun (assist version) now causes the same hitstun as its point version when used as a crossover counter.
Assists: Rapid Slash, Rising Sun, Judgment Cut (Tracking)[/details]

So I guess it is still ok for Vergil to hit people behind him with Helm Breaker and that Helm Breaker is still teleport cancel-able. It still being teleport cancel-able means that HB still can’t be punished off chicken-block because he would be able to cancel HB into Rising Sun, which means it is still safe. Like I said, you’re not fixing the problem, just changing him. Also, I don’t see why there is a need to remove the very few invincibility frames of Devil Trigger of both brothers when there is already recovery added to them. That just makes it so they wouldn’t be able to avoid raw Gimlet on the ground. That only helps Hawk fractionally since their teleports and sword normals already make that matchup a nightmare.

*TAC Changes

[details=Spoiler]TAC Changes:
*Costs 1 bar, always a guaranteed exchange in one of three directions.
*Meter gain/loss from directional choice removed.
*Hitstun deterioration returns to 0 after a TAC and builds normally from there; returns to pre-TAC hitstun levels combined with post-TAC hitstun levels when either character touches the ground.
*The TAC user cannot gain meter after a TAC until the opponent enters recovery (exception: Soul Drain, meter gain assists).

When people talked about why TACs were a bad thing, they always said there wasn’t enough risk to balance out the reward. Instead of increasing the risk, what you guys tried to do was reduce the reward of the whole thing. Now, from the point of view I’m understanding this from, I see almost 0 reason why anyone would ever do a TAC. I’m essentially spending a meter and forgoing doing a super (which normally does around 150k, more or less) so that hitstun is reset back to zero only when the character is in the air (meaning characters without flight mode are fucked), but scaling remains, meaning Magneto is only doing about 8300 dmg per powder smack, which isn’t going to total much. Plus, he is gaining 0 meter, so you would be doing the opponent the favor of gaining them more meter while doing less damage that a normal super would do. This would just make TACs an expensive tag in system.

Other than that, I don’t like how some of the changes are “make this easier”. If you are trying to make something “easier”, then it is already possible, just a matter of execution and timing. Seems like a lazy man’s type of change.


You do realize there is x-23 player here who has already been able to kill Thor right? You do realize that x-23 does incredible damage as is and the changes on properties of her moves will make her kill characters for free? Hitstun has also never stopped lightning loops and SS loops. Just saying. If you have an argument or point try being a lot less of an a-hole it works better. Besides that was just one character. There are plenty of other changes that makes this game unplayable this way. I won’t even bother touching Phoenix that was laughable. My point was this list although it was for thought could no way effectively make this a better game overall.


Another of these threads? when are people going to accept that this game will not bepatched.
It isnt on Capcoms hands. They need Marvel (or should I say Disney) to approve, and that isn’t happening.


Aside from that the changes don’t fix problems. Chris still has no way to deal with sj camping but you change everything else that wasn’t even an issue? Yet you patched the game? Patch is supposed to fix it not make it worse. Hell most changes of relevent characters were “vanilla status” which was an even worse game so you fix bad with bad and expect good? Naw bro go home with that.


I don’t feel confidently enough to speak on the other characters, but I know Joe enough to know his changes aren’t the best.

  1. Increases combo potential, I get that. I feel that Joe does enough damage already. Don’t care too much about this.
  2. Why not. Doesn’t make too much of a difference, seeing how fast its recovery is.
  3. This does not make up for the nerfs at all. Hell I’d go so far as to say its a nerf, giving a larger window of time to advancing guard before a mix-up.
  4. I strongly STRONGLY disagree with this one. Without the glitch, Shocking Pink would have no use, outside of a L Bomb ~ M Voomerang in very specific situations. It’s one of the most important moves in both a Joe vs Keepaway matchup and Joe’s mix-ups, and without control of it the move does more harm than good. Plus it’s fun to jump around and kill them with it when they least expect it.
  5. And goodbye zoning capabilities. Red Voomerangs aren’t even that broken. I have a harder time against Chris’ projectiles.
  6. I like this. I still don’t get why Joe was never given this.

And a small note, with your PW changes he would get an evidence collecting infinite w/ Shocking Pink assist. I also don’t think it fixes his problems, but with the changes you gave it’s difficult to see how much it would buff him without actually being able to play with him.

Not like it’s likely we’re going to get a patch anyways but still.


Do you guys need any more proof?

Close this thread now plz…


the list is really 5 months of work
so it was conceived before the news

regardless, it’s a horrible piece of work


I can’t stop laughing.


They forgot in this fan made patch to remove , infin combos. Make it like KI and have a meter and after it is full the combo will no longer connect. The Zoop zoop will end…