NeoGeo Battle Coliseum (NGBC) Thread


NeoGeo Battle Coliseum? what the heck is that?

NeoGeo Battle Coliseum is a cross-over 2-on-2 fighting game by SNKPlaymore that consists of 39 playable characters (41 if you count the last boss Goodman, and the cpu only Shishioh/Red King Lion), but don’t take the word “cross-over” lightly because this game is literally a bonafide mash-up with characters spanning from well known SNK universe’s like “The King of Fighters” and “Samurai Showdown” to ADK series you never heard of such as “Aggressors of Dark Kombat” and “World Heroes”

It’s available for PS2, and Xbox 360 for 800 MS points on the Marketplace (as of June 9, 2010)

Hey KrazyKone how is the netcode on xbox live?

So far the general consensus is pretty positive, for me it’s been real smooth with little to no lag what so ever, a couple other impressions below

So how do you play this game?

Here’s a quick rundown on the basics of NGBC

789 :ub::u::uf:
456 :l:**N **:r:
123 :db::d::df:

:snka: = Low Punch
:snkb: = Low Kick
:snkc: = High Punch
:snkd: = High Kick
E = Tag

Commands (Player 1 side)
Taunt - Press Start
Frontstep/Dash - Press :r:, :r: / 6, 6 (hold to run)
Backstep/Back Dash - Press :l:, :l: / 4, 4
Super Jump - Press :db:,:d:,:df: then :ub:,:u:,:uf: / 1,2,3 then 7,8,9
Just Defend - (press :l: / 4) Block your opponents attack at the last moment
Fallbreaker/Break Fall - Press :snka::snkb: when knocked down
Throw Escape - Press :snkc::snkd: when grabbed
Tactical Step - Press :snka::snkb: (uses half a stock)
AC Tactical Step - Press :snka::snkb: during normal attack (uses 1 stock)
Guard Cancel Front Step - Press :r:, :r: / 6, 6 during block (uses half a stock)
Just Defense Front Step - Press :r:, :r: during Just Defend (uses 1/4 of a stock)
Tag-Out - Press E
Double Assault - :d::df::r:+E* / 236+E*
Guard Cancel Tag Attack - Press E during block (uses 1 stock)

*“D-Assault OK” must appear above your stock gauge before you can activate a D-Assault

If you’re looking for some character related info you can check the wiki here

You can also check GameFaqs as well (for reference)

So whose even playing this game?

Good question, right now the amount of players are rather small but they’re slowly being drawn in, you can also be awesome and tell your friends to pick up this game for xbla to help boost the community count, as for SRK people check below

Send a friend invite to “NGBC Players” on xbla, check the friend list for easy NGBC Match-Making

SRK Username - GamerTag
[|EX|Testament] - Unreal EnTiTy 0
AlterGenesis - AlterGenesis
BeaM - PK Elec
Bob Makihara - YOYOmerkage
Cibernetico - Positively Ralf
del1rium - del1rium83
Dullyanna - Luzio Bros
Duskbringer - Duskbringer 360
eddymasta - Angrylobster1
EscpapingJail - EscapingJail iP
factory9 - Astejos
Infamous - M0ST infamous
Kersey - ThePunisherXBL
KowtowRobinson - KowtowRobinson
krazykone123 - KrazyKone
Monkeybeer - Monkeybeerhax
orka - OrkanyeWest
PapaRhino - iRhino v2
Phoenix Azure - Riotspark
Prophestus - Prophestus
purifyweirdsoul - purifyweirdsoul
Rider Kick - Ride Kick
rougeyoshi - Chibi Death
Shady424 - GenesisDC
sibbaraz - sibbaraz 4 life
SinJul - SinJul
T37 Rampage - T37 Rampage
the_judge - hmm judge
Tone! - TehRaysel
Violent Ryo - Violent Ryo
WasFemto - BlazeXFreeman

more to come…

Got any videos?

Sure do, check my sig for my youtube page and watch me win (and lose) against SRK peeps and randoms online, if you don’t want to then just peep the vids below for some high level play!v=AgWATNdjMZE!v=HLgPf3vjvR4!v=asn5Pbh6xIU!v=xSbFOnolIw8!v=a52r1TNCJhU!v=25jiLu4Vv5w!v=DbuwO0iAaA8

NGBC Kyo loop/ Glitch? How do I do it?

You’re not the only one still playing it. I still play it and I tell people there’s more to SNK than KOF…so I play nearly everything SNK.


actually i picked it up for just 1? at my local blockbuster some days ago…i was really looking forward to this game but never found a good deal… eventually i found a used copy at the blockcuster and bought it… i have to say that the game is pretty fun to play with, i’m not in the mood to improve my game/skills but it has a really interesting gameplay and speed… i did two video sets last weeks… really nothing special…just some ,very, casuals games:

we’re pretty bad but wth xD



Wut dis game bout? Nevar heard of it…


Oh yeah, I just figured I’d make this thread because just about every game has one (Garou, RBF2, WHP, hell even Karnov’s Revenge)…


Love this game. I really wish there was a machine around here, though. Any spots to play this in NorCal?

I should start playing more regardless. I always wanted to figure out how to play a non-scrubby Genjuro.


Me and Tone! are in NorCal and we still play it. Unfortunately i dont think theres an NGBC in Norcal…or in California for that matter so if youre lookin for comp best bet is console casual throwdowns


There is an NGBC thread, its just buried in FGD…theres quite a few because I know I made them myself…maybe they should just turn this section from just KOF to SNK in general? :wonder:

SoulStar- We may have a NGBC tournament (free) at Raging Storm El Paso SO PRACTICE UP!!! :nunchuck:


That’s what I thought too, they’ll just have to move those other SNK related game threads over here as well, it’d probably liven up the subforum and we’d get more traffic here as well, then I wouldn’t have to trudge through FGD to find that damn WHP thread lol…

Think you can drop Mr. Wizard a line about it?


It’s a good game. I think it’s popularity will pick up once Naomi/Atomiswave emulation is 100%.


I could try to do that and see what his response is.


Haven’t played NGBC in a while but I’ll definitely run some this game at the next time I head out to drop by my old college gaming club.


O.o NGBC l freaken miss that game l been aking to play l have on ps2 but no play its down here l guess when even they hold a torney all go down and enter it.


Dunno about that.

But even if it true, pretty sad that it would have to rely on emulation to promote popularity. Neither of the ports of NGBC were perfect (although Shiki will brow beat me to preach Jap version is better :wonder:) but still people had plenty of chance to play it.

Was even $20.00 value tag when it was ported to North America.


If me and MightyMar meet up tomorrow I can assure you we will play NGBC. Now while we are at it posting up old NGBC vids I’ll post up an two favorites of mine-



This game is actually quite good and the controls and movement and whatnot all feel very smooth and fluid. Wide variety of characters and playstyles to choose from. The presentation of everything is good too. The only thing I don’t like about the game is guard cancel front step, which imho is broken and ruins a lot of the possible offensive pressure. It’s just too easy to do and combo out of. I really like the attack cancel roll though, it’s a lot more versatile than it was in KoF where it was rarely used.

Soh85’s channel on youtube has decent amount of match vids with most characters appearing at least once.


I didn’t think it was that bad here. At least compared to how it was a bit more abusable in SvC…


Agreed, it was much much worse in SvC. Sure it could be toned down some more in NGBC, but its much more abusable in SVC.


Hey DG see if u can include all the previous NGBC threads in here, there was some awesome info in those threads. Anyhow, this game from what I can remember is pretty awesome. I didn’t really have the chance to play it competitivly but from the high level matches I’ve see of it during it’s peak popularity it looked great. In a lot of ways it reminds me of a SF game, sort of like a SNK spin on a capcom game. It’s very unfortunate the game had such a short span of popularity though…this game is really great.


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