Neogeo Battle Coliseum Thread

Surprised there isn’t a thread for it… anywho, who else has got it on pre-order?


I’m Playstationally Challenged, only owning an X360. Otherwise I would.

In your case, hit the tourney scene locally- NGBC is a bigger deal in NC then any other state really. (This place is considered the best scene for it)

They got any Arcades around here you know of? I’m out of touch.

Guys there already is a thread on this game…you all just DIDNT LOOK FOR IT

Wow…Mods please close this thread…here it is

Please use the search engine guys…

Theres more in that thread than you all can even fathom…

In my crystal ball I prophesied that this would happen.

-Dark Geese

edit: oops already there

yeah im on it