NeoGeo CD2 Pad for PS2 Issues?


Hey everyone,

Last year I picked up the PS2 NeoGeo CD pad, released alongside KoF Re-Bout '94. Does anybody have experience with this pad? It works great most of the time, but I’m noticing the down microswitch stops responding at times.

Searching the problem, I found a website dedicated to this exact issue with the original Neo CD pad. Supposedly, the plastic fulcrum creates dust which over time and normal use will screw with the microswitches. There was a diagram and tutorial on how to fix it, but I wanted to ask y’all if:

a.) Are the SLS released pads identical and prone to the same issues as the original Neo CD pad?
b.) Is pulling it apart and cleaning the mechanism as tricky as it looks?
c.) Are there any forum members who perform this service?

I have some skills with taking pads apart, but there are a lot of pieces packed in there. The pad is valuable, but it’s also very functional and one of my fav’s… I’d rather not make things worse!

Any help is appreciated!