NeoGeo matchmaker ARClive


Hello I’m here to ask how you guys rate arclive.

If not familiar with archive, I’ll try my best to sum it up. Its emulation network program similar to GGPO and 2DF that supports a few Neogeo, CPS2, and PGM with room hosting and chat. It was release around Feburary in 2010 so its still fairly new and it was design by eastern developers. (But theirs an ENG patch that translate most of the needed tools)

What makes this one stands out is that one port forward isn’t necessary to operate it unlike the popular GGPO and Supercade. Simply the program and a account on ARClive (which can be done from the exc program).

Arclive supports profile that records players experience and win/lose counts.

Arclive has the feature of recording replay which can be formatted into AVI and other forms.

What makes arclive really unique is that when ever in game session, the “quite game” feature is completely disable during in game match. Which nearly prevents incomplete games and players who like to exploit win/lose counts. (Though their still few exceptional cases but I believe it counts as a lose for the disconnecting party Only when the session is not in a active V.S match (player match) is when the “quite game” feature is restore, but once both player initially are active (character select screen), the session is locked till that match is over (the victor player is in arcade mode and loser is in continue? phased).

So far as connectivity goes Ive only played few games with same region people that felt flawless with no lag or delay while majority of experiences where with international players with pings at 260 and higher where mix feelings but mostly manageable depending on game.

what I want to know is how many other people are familiar with his program and how were their experiences.

Personally I find Arclive to be in between Superior and inferiority in few areas.

heres my pro and cone list compare specifically to 2df (supercade) and GGPO.

*Player Profile (theirs no ranking so far as I know)
*Simple interface and setup
*Connectivity is still skeptical But the success rate of connecting is nearly 99% ( their was only one time I couldn’t connect to a player but the second try was successful)
*Public Replay viewing and saving

*The program still freshly new so their still few glitches to be aware of (game dependent)
*Not as much supported games as other Clients. (Supercade and GGPO is larger)
*Does not support live spectators like GGPO, how ever you can few replays of ongoing sessions up to the actual live match but it will not be in real time.

Here’s the Eng hack Download
arclive_by riddim.rar.rar

Simply download, extract, setup appropriate roms and launch exc program.


Interesting. How does 3S play with players at about 150 ping?


Saldy This network application only run Neogeo and PGM games. Like king of fighters and Samurai showdown. No Cps emulated games. Sorry for not making it clear. But I would assume most game at 150 would be playable.

My bad guys, you were right.


You’re wrong: 3s, sf2, spf2, ssf2t, sfa2, sfa3, a few cps1 games are also available.
I just played a 3S match on it, against probably a chinese guy with 300ms ping, and i have to say it was playable, some rollbacks/bugs here and there due to resynch, but game was fluid enough to play at least decently.
Good surprise though i have to test with closer opponent…


If it’s that decent with 300 ping, then it has to be godly at 150 ping. The threshold for GGPO is about 60-70 ping to have a semi-lag free match, but that’s still a little random. With Supercade the whole thing feels sluggish with whatever ping, it’s not unplayable, but very difficult to pull off clutch maneuvers.


Okay, I just tried it. I don’t know how you thought it was decent with 300 ping, but looks like you live in France which may explain why it might be playable for you. I could only find Chinese players for 3S, and other than the fact that they sucked, it was unplayable at 300 ping. Couldn’t find a single dude from the U.S.


300ms is never decent… no matter where you live (it’s not like physics change from location to location)

i’ve used ArcLive before because it has replays… i like how the client is the emulator as well
sometimes there are over 2000 player in KOF97, pretty crazy


this looks like it may have potential but not enough exposure seem to be the problem.


it’s clearly chinese oriented


this fuckin shit got the deadlyrave-neo seal of approval. i played a dude in rb2 with 280 ping and it was playable ppl get this shit


thanks for sharing your experience.


this is pretty damn awesome! im getting it. also this program uses a lot of the player avatar artwork from poporu is this by the same developers?


Gonna try this out this week


Okay, I just had several matches with Jedpossum from here. The ping was about 58. And it was pretty goddamn good. WAY better then GGPO. He picked Q and Akuma while I used my main Alex the whole time. Lemme tell ya straight off, this was really good. Akuma on GGPO (even with good ping such as Jed’s) has really weird Hurricane Kicks. They seem to come out instantly online, and can be randomly hit out of. Such as Akuma does fullscreen Hurricane Kick, I’m ducking and I decide to sweep him. Normally you can do this A-Okay, but on GGPO sometimes it will hit, and sometimes it won’t. *Just an edit to add that 2DF/Supercade isn’t much better then GGPO. Everything feels slowed down on Supercade for 3S. Think of the Dreamcast version of 3S and you have a pretty good idea. The weird part is that the parry system is completely different on 2DF/Supercade. Normally to parry a Hadouken, you hit forward just as it hits you. But that doesn’t work on 2DF/Supercade, you have to hit forward well before it hits you, more than several spaces away, and sometimes you still can’t parry a Hadouken of all things.

Never had that problem on Arclive. However, I did notice some graphical glitches on occasion, but it never interfered with gameplay. And, to give you an idea I had GGPO running in the background as I was using Arclive and noticed no delay, and neither did Jed.

How can I put it? I highly recommend this program to 3S players sick of lag on GGPO.


each game has multiple “zone” rooms… all numbered
does anyone know what they are for?


I recommend this program if you want more lagless games hopefully there will be enough english players so we can get something going here


I can definitely recommend this for neogeo and cps2 games. 3s can be a little iffy some times especially if you are recording.


This is pretty good although I would avoid pings above 300, played someone from China in KOF 2K2 and it was trippy as hell

wish there were more people in the ST room as well, over all this is a great alternate for people who can’t get GGPO to work correctly


That’s actually a good question about the Zones. Does anyone know the purpose of them? And what zones should North Americans check out?


Seems like zone 5 is the one I’ve seen with the least Chinese names in it.