NeoGeo Pad USB


Anybody else received theirs yet? Works as well as i expected (love the clicky stick), but one minor defect: the PS button is recessed into a hole (have to reach deep w/ my thumb to press it, or use a pencil). On all the shots online, its clearly protruding out like an outie bellie hole.

Honestly too care too much since i don’t intend to use the pad on the PS3, but i’m wondering if i’m the only one with this problem.


Got mine and I’m loving it. Wish they offered a strictly 4 button variant, but I guess I can always buy and mod the original. Using mine mainly with Twinkle Star Sprites on MAME. The PS button is of no concern.


I still need one. ARGH


oh i need this. i wasn’t a fan of the ps2 neo geo pad when i first got it but it’s now my most used.


I managed to pick up 2x of these. I guess this is the PS3 version equivalent of the Marvel Leaf Switched 360 Madcatz Pad.
I like it. The Pad is GODLIKE.


Please report back in a few months, I’m curious on whether they ever fixed that plastic-dust issue.


madcatz? do you mean PDP’s new marvel one or am i missing something here?

does this neogeo pad have microswitches on the buttons too or just for the stick? my friend tried the pdp one at my house but he has a ps3 and i’m guessing this is basically the same.


Original Neo Geo pads have No internal decoder in their fight pads, it is just raw 15 pins out, if you get a DB 15 connector and wire it to an existing controller PCB, there would be your adapter.


Yeah, I’ve done this before…


Since they didn’t advertise it, assume that this pad uses regular membrane (rubber) switches.

Also: where are the pics of the insides?