NeoGeo Station on PSN ( on sale right now )


I was assuming there would be NeoGeo Station thread but after searches there wasnt so here it is.

If you own a PS3 and are fans of Neo Geo games or 2D games in general these Neo titles are really nice ports and are big on nostalgia.

There are several fighters like Samurai Showdown, classic KOF titles, World Heroes.

SNK has a featured developer page on the Playstatio Store, under PS3 games > Featured > scroll down

Best buy is the 10 game bundle, which comes with a really nice NeoGeo theme.

This thread has reviews and other cool stuff:

Also, theres a 50% off sale on, but going to end soon


They still don’t have the games that matter on there. They could have at least added Magical Drop or Fatal Fury Special on there by now.


So there STILL doing shit like they did with the ps2 collections? :lol:

Making a few volumes and you don’t hardly get anything in each one.