NEOPHASE HQ- Prodigy's Garage - Run It!

The Mighty Prodigy just made his garage available for MvC2 casuals.

Hit 'em up, bitches. So far the cavalry includes myself, Infrit, Prodigy, Nyteryder, Jpresh, and a few others.

According to Prodigy, he’s trying to get people together to duke it out on console. Casuals live again.

Note: Marvel only.

Nyteryder? Who the heck is that…

Yeh, go tonight ppl request invites or PM for info hahaha its on DK style…

GG’s 2nite to nyteryder, prodigy, speedracer and of course khaos…damn son u were killing us all nite but i got a few pretty good wins against u :tup: …u getting faster son! good shit! good shit!

Awesome games tonight, fellas. I need to get faster. QUICKER. Looking forward to future sessions at the 'Arena.

Def. GG’s to you as well. With all the sessions we’ll level up in no time like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber from DBZ hahaha…

All I gotta say is anyone who hasn’t come here yet, expect an ass whoopin from Khaos…

where do you live? whats the zipcode

Don’t remember the zipcode, its by Commerce Casino off the 5 freeway…

Jay there too huh? coo

hopefully ill be able to make it soon, I got to throw in some matches with infrit and khaos

ya’ll some noobs

u should head down here as soon as u get ur license son…oh and thanx 4 the mix…we all agreed it was badass :tup: we’ll b playin w/ that mix for a good while

when is the next casuals?

Whenever Prodigy decides to have them.

Usually when we run them, we try to bring in as many heads as possible just to have a good lineup. Our current lineup is already good; it can only get better.

I’m looking at you, Plates. You too, Romfinite.

GG’s to prodigy and khaos 2nite, good practice

Prodigy: ur improving and gettin smarter…just keep practicing :tup:

Khaos: ur a beast…what can i say

GG’s nukkahs.

Shit, man. I got to get used to console again. That, and we need Jay’s stick.

look at me lovepig

Yeah man i know…its either Jay’s stick or we gotta get jaime some buttons eventhough daniel said he has some…but he’s laggin it

I’m looking at you. Hold some casuals again, snatch. IMO.

Run it!

what happened to all the free AW buttons? use those. since AW is garbage

we used them all and we got rid of the other ones i think…so we cant take them back :sad: but our friend daniel has some…he’s suppose 2 drop them off 2 me or jaime one of these days