NeoWave coming to PS2 on 6/23

Good news for all us KoF fans! :tup:

all 12 of you

FUCK YEAH! I’ve been wanting to play this! :tup:

cant wait until the xbox verison! :cool:

Awesome! Now I can practice this game at home and play it at the arcade. :smiley:

OH YEAH!! :clap:


You know you can’t fuck with O.Yashiro/O.Chris/Vanessa.

man thats great news!

mark of the wolves is also coming out on ps2 this may

Yeah…hopefuly they’ll release it with ReBout or somethin so it’ll get released here in the states.

2005 is looking too good for the SNK fan…

Fuckin A

Now I’m wating for Battle Colliseum to be announced. :tup: That will make 2005 a killer year for SNK.

SVC Chaos 2?

Hell yeah!

been waitin for this rejoice snk pepz!

This game has already been released on the ps2.

its called kof 2002

^ Is it hard being as stupid as you are?

It will be interesting to see if Ignition Entertainment pick this one up for PAL regions. In fact I’m still waiting for them to say they’re getting KOF2002/2003 (since we have 2000/2001)

importing… so sweet… dont have to wait for a US/EU release…
anyway, its pretty much like 2k2 #r, just that its so much better that it sorta makes 2k2 obsolete.
groove system, swapped out characters, better looking + with character color edits on the card system, overall just a better game imo